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"The Day of the Rope" Book Review

jroselandNov 2, 2018, 1:22:54 PM

A fictional thought experiment about right wing political violence

The novel is placed in a just barely hypothetical future America that is descending into leftist anarcho-tyranny.

The premise of the novel is black pilled, reaching the pessimistic conclusion that political violence is the only way of retaking the USA from the communists, socialists and psychopaths that have subverted and dominated the institutions of big tech, government, media and academia.

Right wing thinkers and voices are a bit hamstrung in discussing political violence. Any speech that could be construed as a dog-whistle calling for the kind of revolutionary violence that George Washington and the founding fathers used against the British to liberate the country in the first place will most certainly get right wingers further censored, deprived of their audiences and perhaps even investigated by the FBI.

The right wing protagonists of the book carry out a false flag attack on the fuel and water supply system that is the lifeline of San Francisco and southern California. It's clear that southern California is a hive of scum and villainy hell bent on dragging the rest of the country along with them into this dystopian future of techno-communism, open borders socialism, degeneracy and extreme progressivism. It's often discussed that cities are deathtraps, the vast majority of residents of major metropolises have only a few days' (or less) supply of food and water. In a few days disruption of influx of calories, fuel and water and millions in cities will begin to become very desperate, especially left wingers who generally have a short time preference and haven't prepared for societal collapse. 

Those left wingers when they mock preppers probably think to themselves: If there's ever a major collapse of infrastructure here I'll just move down the road to a city that doesn't have a water or food shortage. Problem solved!

But they ignore the inevitability that millions of their cosmopolitan cohabitants will have exactly the same idea: freeways and highways will be gridlocked, exacerbated by vehicles running out of gas blocking egress from the city. Gas stations will be quickly exhausted. And what if rioters, protesters or terrorists choose to block the main traffic arteries of the city? Quickly their cosmopolitan existence will start to look like something out of Mad Max or Battle Los Angeles. Their multicultural shangri-la will poof and disappear in mere hours or days as tribal violence between blacks, whites, and latinos escalates. They'll quickly experience just how Darwinian of a world we really live in. 

Atlas Shrugged has this beautiful passage illustrating the complicity of proximity...

As the tunnel came closer, they saw, at the edge of the sky far to the south, in a void of space and rock, a spot of living fire twisting in the wind. They did not know what it was and did not care to learn.
It is said that catastrophes are a matter of pure chance, and there were those who would have said that the passengers of the Comet were not guilty or responsible for the thing that happened to them...
These passengers were awake; there was not a man aboard the train who did not share one or more of their ideas. As the train went into the tunnel, the flame of Wyatt's Torch was the last thing they saw on earth.

In the train crash sequence it described how all the victims of the catastrophe contribute in their own self serving and comfortable way to the decline of society. Their cowardice in the face Ayn Rand's vision of a country descending into communism. They are complicit in their own demise not just because of their selfish unprincipled predation of their fellow man but because of their willful ignorance of the consequences and their proximity to the worst of the evildoers.

Do those who still reside in Southern California (or any other liberal metropolis) fall into the same moral category of the passengers on Ayn Rand's train on a path to oblivion? Maybe your mom, your dad, your brother or your childhood best friend lives in southern California and you think that they are a fundamentally good person. Why don't you convince them to move? Escape the high taxes feeding the statist beast which shits back out on that beautiful corner of this country unending crime, lawlessness, subversive postmodernism and all kinds of wickedness. Challenge your loved ones there to deprive the corporations there of their labor that enables them to broadcast their nonstop streams of dehumanizing degenerate propaganda around the globe!

In the Bible Abraham's nephew Lot left Sodom and Gomorrah and didn't look back, shouldn't the good Californians in your life do likewise?

Ultimately, I don't advocate or hope that the dissident right wing yield violence in the way described in this book. I don't think we'll need too. Every summer we see California literally burning thanks to the mismanagement of its environment. I think that our entropic world in collaboration with the idiots in government  running places like California will deliver the collapse scenario described and portrayed in so many books and movies.

It also seems like we have a little more time left to take back our countries democratically with the art of the argument and I hold out some hope that the founding stock of the United States will manage a peaceful geopolitical divorce from the millions of rabidly identitarian "hyphenated americans" that they have such utterly irreconcilable differences with.

I've spent a lot of time in Eastern Europe and all around this side of Europe in the center of town squares you see statues of stoic looking knights on horseback; these are often the heroes of these nations who liberated their people from the Ottoman empire. These men are not immortalized in metal because they had good arguments for freedom, they sharpened swords and drew blood. If I had ever joined the US Military in my life and taken an oath before my god to defend my country from enemies foreign and domestic I would gaze up at those statues and meditate deeply on my role in history.

 Veliko Târnovo in the very red pilled Bulgaria

I found The Day of the Rope very well written, especially for being an author's debut book. I often take chances on first time authors and am disappointed in quality of writing or find the storytelling uncompelling. The characters are gritty and complex. The themes and narrative are so politically relevant that I wouldn't be surprised to see this book banned eventually. The last piece of fiction that I found this downright spellbinding was Graham Hancock's War God series about the conquest of Mexico.

I heard about this novel from livestreamer, geneticist extraordinaire @JFGariepy.

My only issue with the book is that it was quite short, it took me just a few evenings to read.

I'll append to this review a rousing speech given by one of the protagonists at the end of the book...

My fellow Americans. If you are watching this video, before you do anything else, I need you to archive it immediately. This video will be removed as soon as it is discovered, which will probably be any moment now. Do not waste time watching this video first. Archive it now, and then share it to as many mirrors as possible, after you have it safely stored on removable media. This is not a joke. This is not a gimmick. This is not a drill. This is the most important and last address I will likely ever make. I say this to you now, hoping and praying to God almighty that you have already done as I have asked, and saved, and shared this message because if you are watching this, my friends, my fellow patriots, then I am either in custody as a political prisoner, or more likely, I have become the first casualty in a war that you must now fight.                 
If this is the case, then I can tell you with certainty that while I am not a perfect man, as no such man lives today that I have died doing what is right, and I have died doing what the Lord above commanded me to do, and if I’m lucky, I’m watching you from heaven above, as a witness to the greatest moment in our nation’s history. The moment we step into the footprints left by our forefathers, and once again we dispatch the tyrants among us.                 
You’ve always known that something was wrong. That the media was lying to you that politicians were lying to you, historians, and professors, all lying to you. You wondered why it was that no matter who you elected into office that the policies never changed. The direction of the country never changed. The wars that the ruling class sent our sons and daughters to die in, never changed. Our children, but never theirs.                 
No matter who you elected, the promises were never kept. Clearly, they knew the will of the people, because they knew what promises to make, so why? What accounted for this complete disconnect between the will of the people, the people whose right it is to govern this nation, and the actions of those who presumed to rule over us? What explained the complete lack of accountability, when the crimes of the ruling class went unprosecuted? What happened, when the war profiteers committed mass murder, in nations across the globe, in your name, with your children’s blood? What happened, when our so-called leaders, and our so-called allies, committed acts of terrorism on American citizens, on American soil, in terror attacks that murdered thousands, and traumatized a generation, so, like genocidal maniacs they are, they might justify yet even more atrocities around the world, committed in our names?                 
Nothing ever happened. Never to them.                 
They are not just liars. They are not only parasites. They are not just murderers. They are monsters that cannot even be called human. For too long they have evaded prosecution. For too long they have gone unpunished. A nation that does not apply the law equally to all has ceased to be a nation and has instead become a battlefield. What can a government that is complicit in these high crimes against the people, be called other than the illegitimate government, of hostile occupiers? You are not citizens, you are prisoners, in their labor camp.                 
How long have we prepared, and even bragged, of the heroic things we would be called to do, should things continue down this path? My friends, we have reached the end of the path. Now is the time we either live up to these visions ourselves, or we prove to the world that we are cowards not worth saving. That our extinction is merely natural selection, removing our inferior genes. If you fail to act now, you justify our extinction, and the world will be right to celebrate, for it will be the extinction of a pathetic race of slaves.                 
Do not be afraid to send these monsters back to hell where they came from. Is it murder to kill a plague-infested rat living under the bed? To draw their blood is no different morally, or even in function than it is to shoot a rabid dog that is gnawing at your throat. Those among us, who are truly committing the unforgivable sin, are those who understand the danger, and fail to act out of cowardice!                 
These monsters, who have anointed themselves superior to you, decided that they, and only they, are worthy of power. They hate you because, in their hubris, they have the delusion that, even though they have been chosen to be your masters, they are still burdened with the duty of managing you like cattle. Managing the wealth, generated by your labor, managing how to distribute the table scraps, once they have finished feasting on your confiscated fruit. They openly commit murder with impunity, and why not? Is it really murder to kill cattle that is your property?                 
In the shadows, they indulge in the most depraved behavior. No longer is it a secret that these monsters, who consider you their property, after having been allowed to indulge in every form of consumption, have now developed an appetite for destroying the innocence of young children, and then discarding them like garbage. How far have we fallen, when the monsters feel free to rape, and murder, our children without conscience, or even fear.                 
They treat us like livestock, only because we behave like livestock! Livestock doesn’t complain when their young are slaughtered, and feasted upon, at the table of the master. Livestock pulls the plow, and if it doesn’t pull the plow, it gets the whip, and if after it gets the whip, it still does not pull the plow, then it too is slaughtered, and feasted upon, at the table of the master.                 
We are not animals, but those who behave like prey will be prey, and will be ruled over by those, who behave like predators! 
Now is the time! Right now! Not tomorrow! Not next week! This moment right now! Now is the time that you have been waiting for!                 
To my brothers, and sisters in the military, turn your arms against those who have no legitimate right to give orders to brave men, and women. If you choose not to act, then you have chosen your master, and you will suffer the same fate.
To my brothers and sisters in federal government. You have had your chance to enforce the law against the lawless, and you have made your choice. Join, and fight, with your people to eradicate the cancer that has infected this nation, indeed much of the world, or God have mercy on you, for we will not.
To the state, and local, law enforcement, protect the countrymen you are sworn to protect. Fight side by side with them, as they expel the demons within your midst. If you chose instead to serve evil, then you too, have chosen the path of doom.                 
Every man, who calls himself a man, who hears my words, and does not act, is a liar, and a coward, and cannot be trusted, with the sacred contract we all make with each other that we will not tolerate illegitimate kings. If you fail to act, then you too, have chosen your fate!
What we must do will not be easy. We are not like the monsters who denigrate life. We hold life sacred. We cherish life, and freedom, God’s two greatest gifts, and it is our solemn duty, as men of God, to defend both from those who presume to take his place, by claiming dominion over both.                 
Act now! Do not be afraid! There are people just like you, and I, who do not take pleasure in savage bloodshed, even when it is necessary, and it has never been more necessary. These are men who have known this day was inevitable; they have been preparing. They prepared, and they waited for when the moment would come that they would be called upon to take their country back, and my fellow Americans, who I love and I desperately wish to see free, whether I lay broken, and bloodied, in some subterranean prison cell, or in heaven with the Lord our God that moment is now.                 
Godspeed patriots.

If that doesn't inspire you to read this novel you can listen to chapter one of the audio book here...

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