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Minds: The High-Caliber Social Platform Built On The Blockchain

JontheNerdDec 6, 2022, 7:41:29 PM

I have been using Minds since 2019 and the way they have their platform set up is actually pretty great. They have multiple avenues for creators to grow and earn. Not a bad way to go.

Social media. That phrase either fills you with excitement or dread. For me, it is more of the latter. I really loved Twitter when I started it back in 2015 and Facebook seemed revolutionary when I hopped on in 2009. But since then I feel like it all has become one giant garbage dump.

Don’t get me wrong, there are definitely some benefits that are not lost on me. I have found some freelance work on Twitter and have connected with people on Facebook that I would have missed else where. So there are some redeeming qualities to these platforms. But I feel as though those qualities have been slipping away the past few years. So I found myself looking for somewhere else to connect. That place was Minds.

Now Minds is by no means reinventing the wheel here, but they are really working to incentivize users to use the platform - especially creators. Minds is built on the blockchain so the tech behind it is much more decentralized than others. And you can actually earn tokens to boost your content. The best part? The way you earn tokens is by engaging with the platform: replying to posts, liking posts, reminding (essentially retweeting) post etc. Just using the platform lets you earn so that you can boost your own content to get more eyes on it. It’s a refreshing take on social media.

Minds also has some other cool features. You can create long form content in the form of blogs. You can sign up for Minds+ (I am currently trying this out - I’ll report back later) where you pay a small fee to set specific content for Minds+ readers only. Plus Minds+ users can get the share of the earnings pool by having more engaging content. Again more incentive to use the platform.

Minds also boasts other little perks as well. You can help create your own algorithm so that you can see content you are interested in. And Minds leans very hard into free speech so you might some radical ideas but the platform promotes the right for everyone to have a voice (of course with some obvious exceptions). You can also create your own groups that center around your interests, check account analytics and more. And of course they have dark mode.

I am really getting into Minds more and more and I actually just started using the blog feature myself to see if there is any audience there. So if you are looking to jump onto another social media platform with more ways to engage, more opportunity to build a following and more free speech. You should check out Minds.

Use my link to get started. :)