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Authentic French Brioche Recipe

JeanneMaraOct 3, 2019, 9:09:25 AM

Soon ...meaning tomorrow actually ! It is the international Cinnamon Bun Day!!!

As I have a recipe for that one on my blog already, I decided to publish a French Brioche recipe! The one and only! ...and you can use it for the cinnamon buns, but also any kind of buns you wish to bake!


25g of yeast

250ml whole milk

80 g butter, very soft room temperature

40 g caster sugar and

500 g white strong flour mixed together, plus some extra like 1 cup or 2.

1 egg


**The secret in this recipe is to add the butter, at room temperatue, at the end. And not melting it :)**

Heat the milk at body temperature, not too hot. Put the fresh yeast into whole milk. Rest for 10mins. Mix your sugar,  and flour together, they will be your basic dry products blend.

Helped by your KitchenAid or other mixer: Mix the wet products to dry products little by little, add the egg. Finally add the butter little by little.

Let the dough on the side for at least 30 mins even an hour is good. Cover it with a kitchen towel. Once it is done and it raised. Work your dough with some more flowers. Then it is up to you to choose the form you want them to be!

Form your brioches and when you finished, put on the oven at 180 degrees.

Wait 15mins or 20mins before to put them in the oven, so they raise even more, always with a kitchen towel on top. Before to put them in the oven, use an egg wash and brush the brioche lightly. I add sugar pearls after but you can leave them plain for now.

180 degrees for the first 8-12mins then 200degres for 2 to 5 mins depending how big your brioche is.