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Development updates for Sprint 22

InfoAug 19, 2022, 4:55:55 PM

What we worked on during 22nd sprint 

  • Allow quote posting with media. (gitlab)
  • Backend support for multi-image posts. (gitlab will bleed into 23rd sprint)
  • Separating quote posts and reminds on post pages. (gitlab)
  • Improve messaging for rejected boost, so the message is more descriptive for what happened. (gitlab)
  • New UI (Activities V2) to be shown in Canary for user feedback. (gitlab)
  • New spam and token manipulation countermeasures (more info will be shared soon).
  • Live update of vote counter on posts in newsfeed (gitlab)
  • Change the list of interest tags presented during onboarding, so they are more relevant (gitlab)
  • Go to full notification page instead of the dropdown list on the mobile web. (gitlab)
  • Add boosts to Discovery, to be able to serve more boosts and lower amount of boosts refunded due to high boost backlog. (gitlab)
  • Support avatar updates from Nostr. (gitlab)
  • Fix remind counters in the feeds (will be only for the new UI). (gitlab)
  • Updating and fixing Wallet > Cash onboarding.
  • Other bug fixes.

Unfortunately we weren’t able to attend to all of the tickets we planned, and they had to be pushed back:

  • Creating boost offer notification loop. (gitlab)

To see all tasks worked on this sprint, you can view the list on gitlab, here.

Things to look forward to

  • Backend support for multi-image posts. (gitlab)
  • Detect and identify spam comments (gitlab)
  • Auto-reporting of spam comments and content (gitlab)
  • Live interactions for Mobile app (gitlab)
  • Improve mobile app startup time (gitlab)
  • New tags selector during onboarding (gitlab)
  • Create clustered channel recommendations (gitlab)
  • Create video tutorials for Minds Stack (gitlab)
  • Creating API for Superminds (gitlab)
  • Update fee structure for cash transactions (gitlab)
  • Fix See X Latest posts button, so it scrolls back to the top of the newsfeed. (gitlab)
  • Repeated and duplicated highlights on mobile (gitlab)
  • Fixing autoplay in feeds / single activity view for videos in new user interface (gitlab)
  • Updating Boost console design for new user interface (gitlab)
  • Other various smaller features and bug fixes

To see all that will be worked on this sprint, you can view the list on gitlab, here.


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