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Sprint 21 (Jul 20, 2022–Aug 2, 2022)

InfoAug 15, 2022, 7:56:58 PM

You've asked and we listened. We are going to be publishing a rundown of changes that happened on Minds, and also some changes you can look forward to. We will be putting these out, after each sprint, which would mean bi-weekly development updates of Minds.

I would kindly ask you for feedback, what are your thoughts on this blog, and whether you would like to see blogs like this one in future.

What we worked on during 21st sprint 

  • Making the scroll position in the feed persistent, to be able to jump in and out of a post. (gitlab)
  • Commenting with an image won't require writing text on mobile. (gitlab)
  • When clicking others in mutual subscribers, a module with a list of mutual subscribers will show. (gitlab)
  • Continuing to work on Nostr to further decentralize publishing content on Minds (more to come)
  • Newly registered users will land in discovery, instead of their empty newsfeed. (gitlab)
  • Using Vitess to improve new channel and content recommendations. (gitlab)
  • Small improvements in boost rotator in new UI design (gitlab)
  • Setting up SKALE system to run parallel to off chain system. (gitlab)
  • Various bug fixes

To see all tasks worked on this sprint, you can view the list on gitlab, here.

Things to look forward to

  • Allow quote posting with media. (gitlab)
  • Backend support for multi-image posts. (gitlab)
  • Separating quote posts and reminds on post pages. (gitlab)
  • Improve messaging for rejected boost, so the message is more descriptive for what happened. (gitlab)
  • New UI (Activities V2) to be allowed in Canary for user feedback. (gitlab)
  • Fix See X Latest posts button, so it scrolls back to top of newsfeed. (gitlab)
  • New spam and token manipulation countermeasures (more info will be shared soon).
  • Live update of vote counter on posts in newsfeed (gitlab)
  • Creating boost offer notification loop. (gitlab)
  • Setting up SKALE mirror in staging environment (gitlab)
  • Change the list of interest tags presented during onboarding, so they are more relevant (gitlab)
  • Go to full notification page instead of dropdown list on mobile web. (gitlab)
  • Add boosts to Discovery, to be able to serve more boosts and lower amount of boosts refunded due to high boost backlog. (gitlab)
  • Support avatar updates from Nostr. (gitlab)
  • Fix remind counters in the feeds (will be only for new UI). (gitlab)
  • Updating and fixing Wallet > Cash onboarding.
  • Other bug fixes.

To see all that will be worked on this sprint, you can view the list on gitlab, here.


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