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An Indiana Game Design and Animation Studio. Entertainment, without all the pedo enabling baggage. Some adult material, but mostly fart jokes. We will always love your donations, no amount too small.
explicitDepicts violence, breif nudity.
Continuing where we left, following the events of the Vikings of the Interstate cartoon pilot, we follow the detective Higgins as he resentfully manages his duties back at the police station. --------------------------------------------------- ----- ---- ------------------------------- We are and always will be dependent on you, the viewer, to support our efforts, and we are grateful to anyone who does! Sound Design/Music by Connor Grail Higgins played by Oliver Koppert The "Scout Viking" played by Patrick Langner For a limited time, we're offering a free Vikings of the Interstate T-Shirt to the first 20 Patreon pledges at $5/month, shipped at no charge within the US ------------------------------------- ------------- ------- -------------------------- Watch the pilot:
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