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IfychuksJul 22, 2019, 8:26:13 AM


The platform laid on the programatics of the ledger chain can be seen as a perfectly constructed network that is in control of how the contents in this world are used, created, designed or sold. There is so much to say about this actually since it is the main heart of the entertainment StoryIndustry. This is what major artistical works find expression and there are so many people having one role or the other to play in it. There is so much positivity with this new place designed to take advantage of the Cryptocommunity to ensure everything goes well in it regardless of the differences in the past and how it has failed. Lesser work will be demanded from the creators, contributors and the content users that have been affected in one.way or the other in it and now something different can be achieved.


There are writers, screenwriters, novel writers, drama and other works which the content users have had to go by for years. These aspects have been judged by the response of the content users to know what the quality is and for the creators to know where to adjust. That was done coupled with the copyright which not all writers eventually gets. The use of contents in this great world has been limited by so many factors, and that has in turn affected the profit of the author. This is a major threat to the StoryIndustry because if there are no creators or people to create IP (intellectual property), the death of the sector is inevitable. But for so long to have compensation has beem very difficult. This setup however takes this up to make sure contents creators enjoys the best from what they produce. Now a very dependable way of achieving great distrubution of contents that are produced. It will also provide great and perfect allocation of profits to IP makers and as that is done, the revenue increases and there is more to gain from the platform.

The value of any work in this StoryIndustry is rated with the token of the program that makes it a very transparent network. This is how companies know how to charge or rate the works that are produced. There is a more transparent medium for creators to operate to get new values and to establish trust between the individuals. The story StoryIndustry would be enhaced through the provision of more transparent contents and values that can never be corrupted.


The original data history of any piece is not stored in the ledger chain database and that makes the ownership of such materials retained with all the contributors well recognized and taken seriously. This is a really amazing thing to achieve in the sector through this platform. Anyone will find it very easy to distrubute any contents as far as they own the ownership rights and the platform to reach out to his customers. All he will need do is take necessary pictures and send them as they should be sent to attract the regular users. The value of the author's contents is better proved rather than just preventing them from working or taking hold of their responsibility. Once their works are valued, they can easily judge from that and knowing how to improve and to measure standard.

Now is the right time to take the right steps and do what has to be done to motivate the storytellers to work more and be effective. The StoryIndustry still needs them than ever and nothing should jeopardize the chance of getting them to change the world or improve on this sector. Right before the sales of copyright, compensation must be done and once an individual is capable of providing an IP in the form of story, funds realization should follow at once to rewards ths contribution to content creation.


There are tools that are meant to be used by pros in the web novel world, video scripts,webtoons and lot more. All those tools are available while an interactive storage tool for all types of contents are also available. There is a perfect terms and agreement profile for those concerned and also a means of detecting every falsified works of which plagiarism checks is one. All that creates a sort of restrictions in the use of writer's IP and establishes uniqueness of the activities.


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