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A Tale of Two Teenagers (and some riots)

Hilary J. EnglandAug 30, 2020, 7:50:31 PM

A tale of 2 teenagers open carrying assault rifles at BLM protests.

One of them shoots and kills an 8 yo girl because the car she was in should not have inadvertently driven down the street he was on.

The other defends himself after rioters tried to set him on fire, bashed him in his head with a skateboard, kicked him in the face, and pointed a gun at him while he was on the ground. He ultimately killed 2 and injured a third while protecting himself.

Guess which case is all over the news about kids and open carry. Guess which one is blocked from receiving donations on Go Fund Me. Guess which person the social justice warriors want to die in prison. Guess which one is claimed to have “PRIVILEGE”.

If you really want to talk about these issues, you gotta start opening your eyes and using your brain instead of listening to CNN and the mainstream media.

If this was your son they were trying to burn, beat, kick, punch, and maim, would you want him to have a weapon to defend himself with?

THIS 👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻

**I do not know who wrote this but I read this in another thread where people were arguing. This is a pretty good summary of the events.**

Media can't say anything. This is locked up SO TIGHT that its almost a perfect computer-generated outcome.

-This MINOR child of 17, Kyle Rittenhouse - goes to help neighboring town beset by riots (which are based on yet another media lie).

-BTW, Kyle is listed as *Hispanic*. From this point forward in our narrative, he will be referred to as Kid.

-Cops are not in control in Kenosha, the rioters are, so there is a conservative narrative reason to go... if we needed one.

-Wisconsin is an open carry state, but that is N/A to long guns anyway.

-Wisconsin doesn't regulate long guns, primarily because of hunting. Wisconsans hunt… Including their 14 year olds, who are free to carry long guns. They just can't purchase. He's in legal possession. of a rifle.

-Kid obviously knows this. He's interviewed by riot-watchers early in the evening and explains why he's there, that he has a medic kit, and that he is armed because its a danger zone. He's careful to point out his medic kit and that it is a danger zone. (PoM#1.)

-Americans are free to travel between states without papers or permission, so he can be at this public thoroughfare if he wishes..he can be wherever he wants to be. After all, the rioters are there, so if they can be there, so can everyone else.

-There are NO federal regulations covering interstate transport of guns, ask ATF. So his legal rifle is legally transported from his home 30 minutes away.

-When the convicted felony pedophile ADULT chases him and throws the molotov cocktail (gasoline in glass bottle, but not ignited), kid flees toward police. But kid is jumped and attacked in the parking lot. He has the (PoM#2) to shoot only after…a/ he's been attempted to be set on fire and…b/ is under physical attack by the ADULT criminal pedo.

-Criminal/rioter/pedo goes down. Kid has (PoM#3) to quick check on Pedo-Molotov, make sure someone else is looking after Pedo (PoM#4) AND GET ON THE PHONE. He makes a phone call! Im going to lay money he called 911. (PoM#5).

Alright Im going to pause here. 17 years old and you've shot someone in self defense, and you have the PoM–PRESENCE OF MIND to care for them first. This kid doesn't even break stride after checking Pedo-Molotov. He GOES BACK TO TRIGGER DISCIPLINE (very noticeable with his blue gloves) (PoM#6) and walks away from Pedo-Molotov.

-Kid gets chased and mobbed. He flees toward police. But he is dog-piled and attacked by adults who drop him to the ground. He recovers, sees no deadly threat at that time. (PoM#7) He is headstomped by ADULT Runaway Blackguy. He recovers. He doesn't shoot Runaway Blackguy. (PoM#8). He's under threat…yes…but he's ASSESSING THREATS as they happen. Kid is still on the ground.

-Convict-for-violent-crimes-SkateOrDie, an ADULT runs up and tries to disarm the kid, a potentially deadly attack. This pulls the kid off balance and he is on his back, struggling to get on his feet. SkateOrDie can't disarm him, so he beats him with his skateboard, a potentially deadly attack.

-Kid defensive shoots SkateOrDie to end the attack.(PoM#9) SkateOrDie stumbles off.

-While this was happening, adult convicted felon Sneaky-Felon is approaching the kid with a gun drawn. Kid, still on the ground, is clearing a jam in his rifle (PoM#10) and points it at Sneaky-Felon, who holds his hands up pretending to be not a threat, but gets around to kid's blind side and points his gun directly at kid's head.

-Kid perceives the threat, (PoM#11) and has cleared his jam, then brings up his rifle in time to get a shot off before Sneaky-Felon does.

Another pause. 17 years old. Is under attack. No panic. No blind shooting. He clears a jam and saves his own life. 3 deadly threats, 3 threats neutralized. No wild shooting, no bystanders injured.

-Kid gets up and kneels at Sneaky-Felon and CHECKS ON SNEAKY-FELON then makes sure someone is attending to him. Then he calmly resumes trigger discipline(PoM#12) (again, so noticeable with blue gloves) and weapon down, hanging neutral on the sling…. and calmly walks to police. (Pom#13)

-Kid raises his off-hand and shows it back and front as he approaches police to show he has nothing in that hand (PoM#14) and is no threat to them.

This. This right here is the culmination. If this kid wasn't 17 I'd swear he was white hat alphabet/SEAL/something. Who has that kind of PoM? at 17 years old? without practicing scenario after scenario on the cement block range training facilities?

I've seen soldiers and cops under fire who couldn't keep control of themselves like this kid did. Not without experience. If this is how we're breeding Gen X, we can't lose.

And there is not one inch for gaslighting to get through. Not one. Everything was caught frame by frame by frame. Every possible narrative they could have come up with… is pre- BTFO. This is brilliantly perfect. too brilliantly perfect. Im not complaining—its our win. But wow. It could not have coincidentally worked out any better.

P.s. Coincidentally photographed scrubbing BLM graffiti off the wall much earlier in the day while looking directly into camera for positive ID. Whatever we have on our side, was firing on all cylinders for this.


Since these two incidences, another individual was shot and killed yesterday — by BLM — not in self-defense — but in retaliation for flying Trump flags on their car as part of a MAGA caravan in Portland.  Let’s see the response from our elected officials, police departments, and the media.