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How To Choose Best Hiking Underwear?

hikinggearlabMay 19, 2019, 8:38:15 AM

Hiking underwear is an important item to consider and often overlooked when purchasing your hiking supplies and equipment. Many people are finding that hiking, where they walk in various kinds of natural environments, is a very satisfying activity. Hiking should be differentiated from the usual walk in that it could take one whole day or even more. If the activity requires more than a day, then there is a need to sleep in an overnight camp. In this case, the activity is more precisely called backpacking.

Choosing the right kind of underwear while going on a hike is essential because a person will release a substantial amount of sweat and this means that the material for the underwear has to act like a wick where it moves the perspiration or sweat away from the skin towards the outer layers of clothing so that the moisture can be released into the air. 

Therefore, cotton underwear cannot be recommended because it has the tendency to hold on to moisture and the hiker will have the cold, clammy and sweat filled cotton fabric clinging uncomfortably to his or her skin while walking. The recommended kind of fabric for hiking underwear is made from synthetic fibre. Those that are made from a type of polyamide are often preferable because they allow the moisture to travel from the skin to the outer part of the fabric so that it can dry rapidly.

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The material can also be washed and rinsed without difficulty. And when the weather is hot and warm, the underwear is sure to be dry when you get up in the morning. It is also important to make sure that the underwear is of the proper size and does not chafe or irritate. If not, the hiker could develop blisters and other skin problems. For female hikers it is often recommended that they wear quality underwear and sports bras when they go hiking. Of course, some women may prefer to not wear a bra and merely use a supportive top. However, there is one common problem for women when they wear a bra when hiking or backpacking.

There is a tendency for friction between the collar bone and the bra strap because of the force exerted by the straps of the hiking backpack. However, this can be easily remedied by shifting the position of the strap by moving it away from the neck so that the strap will now lie on a less protruding segment of the collar bone. Aside from the usual underwear for men and women, it is usually suggested that hikers wear comfortable hiking boots and socks, hiking pants constructed from nylon, sun block, a hat or cap, and sun glasses.

Happy hiking. Safe hiking.