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This post is ridiculous propaganda. All we would need to become sustainable would be solar panels and organic farming robots. Don't need to collapse the entire global economy, while shredding the constitution and small/medium business. Don't kid yourself, there is nothing positive about the #plandemic ..absolutely nothing This is just about making the ultra rich even richer and putting the rest of us into abject poverty. It's about putting small/medium businesses out of business and concentrating power even further into the hands of a few, who are sitting in their ivory towers laughing at your ass suffering. You're covering for evil.
The plain fact is that we are living as unsustainably as ever—we were before this, and we’ve hit a massive speed bump that may have ricocheted us off the edge of the cliff toward which we were already careening. If it wasn’t the virus, it would be something else. And while the United States is uniquely poorly positioned to address this, the massive jolt this has provoked the world over makes it clear enough that the systems of capitalism, of industrial civilization itself, have been teetering on the edge. What this will create is unclear, and even for those of us not totally surprised by these events, the speed has often been difficult to grasp. But something is happening, something new is coming; be prepared. https://www.counterpunch.org/2020/04/03/in-the-new-dystopia/
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