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The agenda is to make us more like them: robots.

h24leanmachineOct 24, 2018, 2:18:18 AM

I'm on a bit of a conspiracy rant today, mainly with my liberal family that wants exactly nothing to do with what what I'm trying to explain to them.  This is fine, after all, we all have to put differences aside and help eachother instead of bitching and moaning when someone doesn't have our particular stance on health, wellness and the future of this planet in general.

But I've got some good info here, compiled over the past several years of research into the global agenda of control and divisiveness.  

And don't kid yourself folks, whether its on purpose or not, and regardless of what person, reptile or group is behind it all, we are being lead, like sheep, into a world devoid of consciousness.  This is the agenda of the "globalists" we hear so much about from researchers / conspiracy theorists like David Icke, Jim Marrs, Jordan Maxwell, Max Igan and the rest.  Its an agenda meant to take the consciousness and spirituality out of basically every avenue of life, leaving humankind in a state of pure programming and subconscious behavior.

David Icke is one of my favorite researchers on this topic because he explains why these psychopaths do what they do.  I'm talking about the people running the show currently.  The deep state, the secret society high priests and priestesses, whatever you want to call them.  It really doesn't matter what you call them actually, that is just minutiae.  The Gnostics called them archons and the orientals referred to them as the Djinn and there are countless other cultures speaking of spiritual entities, demons and other-worldly creatures that seek to enslave humanity.  

These imposters are trying to make our world more like their own: unimaginative and robotic.  They do not feel empathy and higher emotional states, and they are ruthlessly jealous that us humans can do these things.  As Icke puts it: "You can give them a blank sheet of paper and they can create nothing, but they can take existing ideas and manipulate and distort them."  

And that, to me, perfectly explains the absolute lunacy of what we see in the world around us.  The constant push of surveillance, of merging humans and machine.  Augmented reality.  Virtual reality machines.  An ever tightening noose around humans designed to disconnect them (us) from nature and instead manipulate our brainwaves so that we are in a state of programmed execution instead of the all-knowing and infinite awareness that represents the human soul.

Its not all doom and gloom though.  We have such potential as spiritual beings on this human plane that it is staggering, and more people are waking up to this fact...

But this is snubbed seemingly at every turn by the current control system.  Everyone is expected to be consuming pharmaceutical drugs that drown out consciousness, to engage mindlessly in society, to pursue goals that are not our own but instead what society expects us to do.  We are all expected to believe that we need the nanny state to govern us, and that we are not good enough on our own; we're led to believe that people we see on the screen, people we'll never meet in real life, are somehow our rulers, and we are their subjects.  We're born into bondage and if we aren't careful, we die that way.  

And the goal is to create robot slaves that have no spiritual connection but more importantly for the self-appointed rulers, no idea that we are in a mental prison that has been created for us!  We literally are the ultimate slaves at this time...we work without question for companies we don't care about and that don't care about us, giving most of it to the government in some way, shape or form.  We vote for politicians that we neither like nor trust, because they are presented as the only options.  We send our loved ones blindly to other countries to murder and pillage in order to "protect our freedom" even though none of said countries have done anything to us.

The smart grid is the next step.  Note the use "smart" because it is a telltale sign of control.  It is subliminally saying that if you do not use said device then you are inherently "dumb".  Who wouldn't want a "smart" phone, except for a docile idiot?

The same goes for "smart" meters which now can track every single use of electricity in our homes.  And once again, we can't be caught without a "smart" meter or else we'd be stupid, right?  Nevermind the absolutely insane amount of data that is collected from all smart devices and then transported to companies who's sole responsibility it is to devise new ways of control  and manipulate the population at large.  

After all, most people have nothing to fear with this robotic technology because they are absolute slaves to the system.  They do not rock the boat and therefore have nothing to hide.  The only people that have to fear the smart grid are those that rock the boat.  And as most people know, those that question authority and challenge the status quo are those most likely to actually make a difference in the world.  This is how history has unrolled.  But most people simply pay their taxes, send their children willingly to indoctrination camps known as schools, obediently watch "the news" on the "tell-ME-my-vision", and generally walk between the lines in life.  They work for corporations that plunder the planet and in general rape humanity, all to collect digital credits on a computer screen known as "money" which is printed out of thin air by the very people that seek to control us all.

However, those of us that "wake up" so to speak, that really start to push against the grain and question all of these, frankly, insane measures that have been put on the human race by these insane psychopaths...well that's another story.  We don't get the same treatment.  With the robotic lifestyle encroaching all around us, recording our every move, every transaction, and now--due to the smart grid--every word and even thought, we are in grave danger of being uncovered as the rebels we are.  And this is the WHOLE POINT.  

So to acquiesce to the smart grid and the RFID chips to a true rebel and truth seeker would be a disobedience to our whole entire life's journey which is to help mankind become healthier and freer.  Our goal is to show people how powerful they are and how we don't need these overlords overseeing every nuance, every turn, every sneeze we make in our own homes.  But its up to us collectively to derail this robotic agenda.  

We have to all WAKE THE FUCK UP.  We all have to agree, and protest and if need be even give our LIVES for, the right to not have unmanned drones spy on us, and our smart appliances record our every move.  We all have to fight to not have every human being on this planet drugged with pharmaceuticals and convinced that our "genetics" control our destinies.  We all have to stand up and say enough is enough and to simply withdraw our support from this diabolical system.

And they fear this ladies and gentlemen.  They fear this very much, that we might shine the light on them like the cockroaches that they are; that we might figure out the scam and suddenly pop up and demand an explanation, that we might demand their incarceration or worse for the crimes which they have committed against humanity.  Because after all THEY are the robotic psychopaths, not us.  We can survive just fine without these lunatics; they, however, cannot survive for a second without someone to manipulate.  And its clear to see this day and age with the massive push for surveillance, division of the populace and in general a call for confusion in the public, that these insects are very scared indeed that it may be high time to roost.

End of rant.