Survivalist Off Grid Living Idea Exchange

This is to gather together those of the like-minded sojourner spirit to get out of the chaos of the cities and towns and into the joys of peaceful places…..away from the noise and pollution and out of sight and out of mind of locals when the SHTF. We learn from each other and others experiences and posts! If anyone has any ideas to make this an even better group (it's already full of awesome folks) please IM one of the admins! Or feel free to begin a conversation in the conversation section! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Owner @LailaK Moderators @KevinKiley @chowan ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Please remember to put the following (all or one or a combo will do :) #OffGrid #Survival #Survivalist #IdeaExchange #Gardening #Homesteading #RVLife #OffGridSurvivalistLivingIdeaExchange On your post ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ PLEASE no spammers and and Off Topic posts...We are a serious group who learn from and interact with one another on a daily basis..there is no room for nonsense!! If you are unsure what to post, or are new to Off Grid, Gardening, and Survival life, then sit back, stay awhile, and see what we are doing here :) Thanks for understanding! And have a wonderful day! LailaK KevinKiley Chowan