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How wild! I just found out that if I lose control of my group by carelessly leaving the group, then it is gone forever. Yet, because I was the creator of the group I can still DELETE the group. I'm deleting groups; because Minds can not give back ownership. Destroying at LOT of data. Clearly this is not the way, yet I'm not giving up my groups to a bunch of trolls and shills.


I participate on a somewhat well known anonymous forum, and someone appears to be using Minds as an image host, which I personally think is great, but I was wondering if that was an intention of yours or just an accident. There are some glitches using it this way. If you didn't intend to let people use Minds as an image host, you might strongly consider it, as it would be a great service to the whole internet, and (I think?) a relatively cheap way for Minds to advertise itself.


Not without my AdBlocker!

#adblocker #google #chrome #v3 #internet


When a post shows number of "Views" . Is this a newsfeed view of a post or from actually clicking on the post and viewing?


I would like to know if I can create my own social network using the Minds open source and if anyone here provides this service. thanks


Apparently, a way to edit the URL of post "Learn more" button is missing. That's a bug.


Wow, the last post I made got too much attention for how lame it was 🤣🤣🤣. What’s up #mindsopensourcecommunity! Open source is the only way to go 💯. I’ve recently had someone argue for me to just pay Facebook and they will leave you alone. Lol so I should pay the bully to go away? 🤣


What was wrong with my post? I am interested in learning more about open source


Mobile Image Distortion - Again...

v4.40 is out, and once again, image scaling for mobile posts is borked. Portrait photos are being formatted to landscape. https://www.minds.com/newsfeed/1547297588917571595 I very much enjoy sharing photos on this platform, but every other version breaks this and makes me disinclined to use Minds, and I end up going back to other sites.


Has anyone here ever successfully installed minds on their own server?


Has anyone here successfully installed Minds on their own server?

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Who screwed the pooch??!

For the discussion of the Minds project and stack. https://developers.minds.com/docs