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My First Post on Minds!

girlgone_cryptoOct 17, 2020, 1:26:34 PM

Hello Minds!

I had the opportunity to interview Bill Ottman recently to talk all about Minds and will be publishing our chat in the next few days! I've been meaning to check out the Minds community for a long time now and am excited to finally be here and start sharing some of my crypto content. I thought to kick things off - I'd introduce myself!

My name is Lea and I create content about cryptocurrency under the channels "Girl Gone Crypto".

I do a variety of different things here in the crypto space… from educational videos, to interviews with industry leaders, to crypto news updates, to silly TikTok videos about crypto. Let’s dive in!

Two Minute Explainer Videos

I’ve recently started a “2 Minute Explainer Video” series where I take big topics and distill them down in the simplest way I can and always keep it to 2 minutes or less. Here’s a couple examples you can check out of the one I made about Monero and ETH 2.0. I’m excited to really start building out this series with a bunch more topics!

Crypto News Vlogs

Also in the last month I’ve started a new series of “Crypto News Vlogs” where I basically take the top news stories from a few day stretch and make a vlog style video about them! So far I’ve made 5 of them and I always try to keep them to 1 minute … which can be challenging when there is a lot going on! It’s kind of hard to explain -so you may just want to check one out to see what I mean! Here are the last few that I’ve made.

Blockchain Interviews

I’ve posted about 80 interviews in the last year with various founders, CEO’s and thought leaders in the blockchain industry. Here are a couple of my recent interviews that you may find interesting! 


Fantasy/Sci-Fi Crypto Videos

Okay this one may be one of my stranger ideas. It all started when J.K Rowling was tweeting about Bitcoin and I thought it would be funny to make a Harry Potter themed video explaining it and called it a “Muggles Guide to Bitcoin.”

People seemed to get a kick out of that and so I decided to expand the series and make more SciFi/Fantasy themed videos about bitcoin. (I just really like any excuse to wear costumes… let’s be honest). I recently added a Star Trek and Lord of the Rings themed video to the series if you want to check them out!

Other than that - you can pretty much find me hanging out on crypto twitter and instagram! Here are a few social links in case you guys want to stop by and say hi!

Website - https://lealovescrypto.com 

YouTube - https://YouTube.com/c/GirlGoneCrypto

Twitter - https://www.twitter.com/girlgone_crypto

Linkedin - https://linkedin.com/in/GirlGoneCrypto

Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/girl_gone_crypto

TikTok - http://vm.tiktok.com/m3kSQX/

I’m excited to join the Minds community and look forward to sharing more of my content here!  Stay tuned for my interview with Bill coming out soon! 🥳🙏🏼

Xo, Lea