Prepper 🗡 Patriot ✊🏻Commentator 🎙 I present information based on my experiences, various sources and from discussion in the Prepper community itself. Have more information for me and more sources? Feed me them, whilst at the same time helping myself and others to prep and to be the best version of ourselves we can be, to weather any storm. I aim to above all else help those who are new or sceptical of prepping, to help those who may not be able to run to the hills due to physical problems and so I concentrate the bulk of my prepping around 'Bugging In'. The reason is simple. There is a higher percentage of chance that you will be at home if some sort of emergency happens. I also aim to show people and make people ask questions which will make them think about their preps in ways they haven't thought of before and to then use that to improve them. Constructive criticism welcome :-) Any obvious paid assets will be blocked. amazondotcom - - - - - -
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