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The New Elite vs. The Old Elite

gangstermailsexyJul 1, 2018, 7:03:31 PM

i am writing this blog to highlight the relationship between the new elite and the old elite. it seems there is a Mexican standoff between the richest people in the world for the moment. Earth has always been run by the super rich. they have always imposed their control through their wealth. this is the way it has always been.

recently there has been a shift in power on this planet. while the super rich (people with old money) have always ruled this planet, there is a new contender in the ring. this new force is wielded by the crypto/mining powers that be, and they are putting pressure on the old money elites.

what most people do not realize is that no matter how much cash money the old elites have, they will never be able to control the crypto market. i would imagine that this pains them deeply. i however do not feel sorry for them. many of them are evil and deserve to be shunned (or worse).

the reason that this new elite generation cannot be bought is because they are generating the new digital currency. the new elite have super computer factories generating currency at a higher rate than even the most powerful rich old elite could ever afford to purchase. even if all of the old elites pooled all of their old money together and bought all of the cryptocurrency they could afford, all it would do is drive up the value for everyone who didn't sell theirs making more super rich crypto elites.

cryptocurrency is like the cancerous tumor that will effectively kill all of the old financial systems and there is nothing the old elite can do about it. another thing to consider is the fact that one day soon all Bitcoin will be mined. what do you think the manufacturers/factories are going to do with all of those supercomputers that are mining it when it is all mined out?