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My Explanation of the Universe through Quantum Origin

Andrew KamalDec 24, 2018, 10:37:19 PM

I believe that the universe has a set origin point and I have three proposals that I believe are all true in accordance with the physics of the universe. The article explains the basis of these proposals in relation to my paper on the Quantum framework that represents our universe.

I have three proposals:

Proposal #1: QSOPR Theorem: Quantum Similarity Origin Point References

The view that DNA and biological life has an algorithmic design, among with the view of the mathematical representations regarding Quantum similarity, object set references, computational proof theory, and complexity algorithms leads to the introduction of Quantum Similarity Origin Point References or QSOPR Theorem in general.

Proposal #2: MDQBT: Multi-Dimensional Quantum Breakpoint Theorem

In this paper, I will derive the equation X=O+Σ H +( n (log)Φ/P d x for the representation of our universe under the origin point and dilation of time, t. This theorem will be one of the biggest of our understanding of the universe and what Quantum Origin as well as Quantum States symbolizes in terms of mathematically representing the universe as we know it. Following the same rational and logic with Quantum Similarity we have a much bigger picture of the mathematical framework that our universes is under. This will henceforth be one of the main papers in a series of others that explains our universe through Quantum physics and infinitely expanding loops and ripples in time.

Proposal #3: QSICT: Quantum Simulated Informational Consciousness Theory

In response to Dr. Giulio Tononi’s Integrated Information Theory and both supporting and contradicting some points made on Teleological Evolution in relation to Christopher Michael Langan, comes a different explanation on the universe and a unified idea of consciousness in relation to Quantum Information. My idea is that the principles of Quantum Similarity applies to the neural wiring of our brains and many stimuli based decisions are following a characteristic pattern that can be mathematically represented under a certain mechanical system. Under this, all self-evident or replicated actions of the universe aren’t the universe in essence replicating itself, but rather a continuation of the symbolic nature of all patterns. Next let us dive into the human subconscious (which is separate from the conscious of the brain). The subconscious also follows systematic patterns in its decision making, but the patterns are randomized and dependent on the stimuli reaction. Evidently all human decision making follows a cognitive Kantianism-style nature and all purely animalistic decisions are evident of statistical outliers that still follow patternistic natures. This explains consciousness in terms of Quantum Information, Quantum Similarity, and provide a slightly more differing point to the “Hard Problem of Consciousness”.

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