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I am going to introduce myself

fromearthSep 15, 2018, 10:58:28 PM

This is my first day and I am from Tunisia. I studied Fashion styling and I am very passionate about Fashion design and coloring. Some years ago I didnt even think about taking such a big step. I had dreams of working in a bank or hotel and having an office with my computer in front of me. But thats how life is, full with surprises.

Since my childhood I was a spiritual person. I like everything about witch craft , monks, temples and everything that has to do with energy and power. I enjoy reading about these topics and watch documentaries and even try things. I love creativity and try to have some time for it.

I can say I am a travel blogger and love to enjoy different food everywhere. I love to write stories and take photos of every beautiful creature in our planet. As you will notice I am crazy about cats and grew up with them. My grandmother loved them and had many at home. Thats how my journey with cats started. And now dear friends I welcome you to join me on my journey :)

I am looking forward to build a strong connection between east and west and share more about my experiences. Show more of the hidden east culture and make people have a real idea about life in this region.

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