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"Cavern Of Synchronicity" A 3D Fractal Art

fractalizerOct 10, 2018, 4:01:22 PM

This is a 3D Fractal Art image created using Mandelbulb3D, a Free and Open Source Software to create fractals in a 3D world.

Viewing the complete image and the cropped sections should be seen at the largest size available by your screen. Or printed at the highest value possible that the pixel size allows for a good print.

"Cavern Of Synchronicity"  -  Complete

The Really Cool and Weird Thing

Is that as I was trying different lighting effects, getting the most out of my settings for things like; light angles, fog distance and ambient shadows, etc, my son came along and thought it looked cool!

Now, this is where it gets Weird. Being my most constructive critic, my son will tell me if something is crap or if I could do more to improve the look of my art.

So, knowing less (apparently) about Mandelbulb3D and the way that you change settings than I do, he proceed to educate me on the marvels of super-sampling and suggesting ways to improve bits and pieces when it comes to shadows and light settings.

Just when you believe that 'You Can't Teach An Old Dog New Tricks', your son turns up and says, try this and this and this! 

Cropped  Section of  Cavern Of Synchronicity  (right)

The whole image was rendered to 11520px X 6480px which is my new High Quality Settings for Printing and high quality Screen Size. The larger the render size, the better! Another improvement is what might seem obvious, but not something I have been doing often.

Cavern Of Synchronicity - Cropped Section  (left)

So, this image is going to be one of my High Quality Printing images and will also be one of my testing images so that I can get much better control of the different settings available in this excellent software! 

Don't be surprised when a very similar type of fractal is posted by me in the future. Hopefully, they will be an improvement over this one!

If you enjoy my art and are interested in acquiring a printed version, please contact me through the Messenger app here on Minds or through my website contact form.

Thanks for viewing and commenting!