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Benefits of Escape Rooms

followtheescaperoomblogJan 12, 2019, 12:18:09 AM

An escape room as the name suggests is a game that involves escaping from a room that is initially locked. It involves locking a group of people, who are divided into two teams, in the same room. These two teams are supposed to compete against each other to escape from the room within the shortest time possible. The room is filled with hidden clues and puzzles. The team that gets these clues and solves the puzzles efficiently will manage to escape from the room. It is usually a very exciting moment when the first team escapes from this manmade captivity. Both teams only have sixty minutes to solve this puzzle and get away. So each team is required to work skillfully and fast. Read this page for more of the benefits of the escape room game.

The greatest benefit of the escape room is the fun and excitement of working towards escaping to your freedom. Every time a team member finds a clue or the team is able to solve a puzzle they are very excited and have a great laugh. The search for clues which may be on the walls, in cabinets or on the floor, is frantic and raises the adrenaline. Getting any clue or solving any puzzle is a great reward for the individual as well as the team. They feel relieved and excited at the same time. This activity is a stimulus that triggers the brain to reward the player through the release of dopamine. This means the player gets a lot of satisfaction by participating in such a game and making a milestone after another.

This game improves teamwork and communication skills. Once the groups have been locked in the room, each team member has to go into different parts of the room to search for clues. As they are doing this, they have to communicate effectively with their team members. In case they stumble on any clue they have to inform the rest. The team then uses these clues to solve a puzzle or puzzles in order to finally escape. It brings team members closer and trains them to work well as a team. It is also a game that trains members on time management. The search for clues has to be done meticulously yet fast. These are great skills that can be replicated in real life scenarios such as the workplace. Open this page for more info: goescapeartist.com.

This game has got numerous health benefits. It reduces anxiety and depression because of the fun that each person has as they participate in such an activity. It provides positive energy for the brain. It is good for the heart and improves blood pressure.

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