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How To Get Rid Of Love Handles?

FitnessmenzNov 30, 2019, 3:58:49 PM

Today I am going to tell you about the "How To Get Rid Of Love Handles". Which is a significant muscle where people store a lot of fat. two types of oblique muscles

1. Internal

2. External

People who have love handles problem with a lot of fat stored in this area for them there is an exercise, they have to understand that. Where is this muscle located, what's the function, what exercise you can do !! so that way you can reduce it! Oblique muscles are right on top of the waist. Muscle on top of the obliques is serratus and intercoastal. Internal obliques located under the external oblique !! For this, I have a short video for you, which is a woodchopper. Let's check out the video first and will talk about it after that.

Functions Of Love Handles

First, I will tell you the function of obliques. It helps to rotate the torso. It gives support to your body for the rotation and also side bend, when you lift something from the ground with side bend your oblique muscles support you. So rotation and side bending both are the oblique's function. You have seen the woodchopper video that the entire body is locked. You have to look straight and only rotate your torso. You have to lock the lower body, head, and spine. The reason is if we lock our lower body, then we can move the lower area near the waist. Serratus, intercoastal, internal/external obliques and transverse muscle, the sheet on it, and so many muscles are there !! but our today focus was obliques. We trained woodchopper exercises if you want to reduce the love handles to make sure you train regularly. Make sure your body fat should be low, which is very important. If your diet is not proper, then it's hard to get rid of your love handles, make sure to fix your diet. Diet will help you to get rid of the extra belly and love handles.