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We've gone from a FakeDemic to a CASE-DEMIC. Dr. Edwards, MD (Functional Medicine doctor in Lubbock, Texas) explains why the pandemic is OVER but how we now have a CASE-DEMIC being used to shut down the economy yet again, causing further unnecessary harm. "The death rate is a fact. Anything else is an inference." Farr's Law #covid1984
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Beholding our world in a state of upheaval, it may seem like we’re descending into a collective nightmare. With continued health and economic uncertainty rippling across the globe plus mounting social unrest and political turmoil, many are disoriented and mourning the loss of "normalcy." In the realm of dreamwork, nightmares serve as important messengers, prompting the sleeper to awaken — not only from the dream, but spiritually and personally as well. Learning to unlock the deeper meaning of your dreams, especially the frightening ones, can illuminate a pathway through the confusion into clarity, peace, and renewed vision. As a collective, we can choose to view these challenging times as an invitation to dive deep... to uncover and work with our shadow side and the things we need to wake up from. Exploring your dreams can help you unveil inner wisdom that's been clouded by the stressors of your waking life. And it can help you access your intuition — a source of clarity, guidance, transformation, and the key to manifesting what you need to navigate these difficult times. Dreamwork can help you imagine and live a new story for your life. It can help you transmute fear into self-compassion, courage, and better understanding of yourself and others. The Dreamwork Summit is here to help you develop a healing relationship with your dreams. When you befriend your subconscious mind, it can provide you with clues for your next steps... and unique insight into the state of our world. You’ll discover ways to hone your discernment — while sifting through excess “psychic noise” — and sharpen your intuition. During this 4-day free online event, you’ll discover a variety of dreamwork methods that can help you reframe and work through painful experiences, ease stress, and provide new perspectives on your challenges — and even break through lifelong blocks to start living the life your soul intended for you. Free Online Event The Dreamwork Summit October 13-16, 2020 RSVP here for The Dreamwork Summit: #dreams #awakening #consciousness

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Dr. Reiner Fuellmich (26yrs at the bar) discusses impending worldwide lawsuit on false positive testing hoax (PCR), the C19 fraud & lockdowns Please watch & share widely! 🙏👊 #covid1984 #pcrtest #fraud
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BREAKING NEWS >>> The World Health Organization has finally confirmed what we (and many experts and studies) have been saying for months – the coronavirus is no more deadly or dangerous than seasonal flu. The WHO’s top brass made this announcement during a special session of the WHO’s 34-member executive board on Monday October 5th, it’s just nobody seemed to really understand it. In fact, they didn’t seem to completely understand it themselves. At the session, Dr Michael Ryan, the WHO’s Head of Emergencies revealed that they believe roughly 10% of the world has been infected with Sars-Cov-2. This is their “best estimate”, and a huge increase over the number of officially recognised cases (around 35 million). Dr. Margaret Harris, a WHO spokeswoman, later confirmed the figure, stating it was based on the average results of all the broad seroprevalence studies done around the world. As much as the WHO were attempting to spin this as a bad thing – Dr Ryan even said it means “the vast majority of the world remains at risk.” – it’s actually good news. And confirms, once more, that the virus is nothing like as deadly as everyone predicted. The global population is roughly 7.8 billion people, if 10% have been infected that is 780 million cases. The global death toll currently attributed to Sars-Cov-2 infections is 1,061,539. That’s an infection fatality rate of roughly or 0.14%. Right in line with seasonal flu and the predictions of many experts from all around the world. 0.14% is over 24 times LOWER than the WHO’s “provisional figure” of 3.4% back in March. This figure was used in the models which were used to justify lockdowns and other draconian policies. In fact, given the over-reporting of alleged Covid deaths, the IFR is likely even lower than 0.14%, and could show Covid to be much less dangerous than flu.
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This is a powerful letter. So why are authorities still ignoring 'the science'? What's the real agenda? I think we all know! "We, Belgian doctors and health professionals, would like to express our serious concerns in this way, in connection with the state of affairs in recent months surrounding the outbreak of the SARS-CoV-2 virus. We call on politicians to be independently and critically informed in the decision-making process and the mandatory implementation of the corona measures. We call for the policy debate on corona to revisit the purpose that the measures should serve: improving our public health, physically, mentally and emotionally. We argue that the measures to get the coronavirus under control are disproportionate and cause more damage than they do well. There is no longer any medical ground to justify this policy: we therefore argue for an immediate end to all measures. We demand a restoration of our normal democratic governance and legal structures and an open debate, where all experts are discussed without any form of censorship..." #agenda2030 #nwo #lockstep
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How do you handle FEAR?

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A message to the awake and awakening ❤️🙏

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Awesome video. The LIGHT & CRITICAL THINKING is winning, despite appearances. ❤️ Journalists and politicians who are still standing with the fraudulent, criminals behind the tests, the masks and WHO...This trial lawyer is coming for you. He has been admitted to bar in Germany and California for 25 years and he specialilizes in fraudulent companies. He and high profile trial lawyers have been collecting evidence of fraud, crimes against humanity and devious lobbyist regarding the narrative by governments and main stream media during this crisis. It’s really really important to look into the committee and it’s work before it’s too late to choose side. Those who hold on to the mainstream narrative will have some serious and potentially expensive and very embarrassing realisations to face. Link for Dr Reiner Fullmich posted on our page here on MINDS. Just scroll. #covid1984 #fraud #minds
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PREMIERING NOW! ❤️ Learn more, catch this groundbreaking series here >>>> #vaccines #covid19 #truth #corruption #pharma

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Inspiring ❤️🙏


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