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Web3Nomad: ECLIPSE Token - Status: DEPLOYED 😱🎉🥳🍻🎸🚀🤘

eclipsingbinaryNov 2, 2021, 3:02:05 PM

So.. "creator tokens". What a world, eh? Getting weirder by the second.

Happy to announce that ECLIPSE token has deployed to the blockchain. It's a big day :)
Very excited with the idea of having created a token. It could be so many things. Not sure what direction to go. For one, it could just be a creator token and I create content and people buy the token because they believe in what I do and want to support me. The power shifts and us, as the creators set the price but we are also able to reward those that support us. Or even incentivize support if you are just starting out like I am.

But hold on, it can also integrate into a virtual card game and you can unlock rewards and soundtracks? That's correct! Check out the MTCG Ecosystem and use the ECLIPSE Miner , play the mini games and earn our tokens which are tradable for MintMe Coin available on Mintme.com
You can then trade MintMe for BTC, ETH or BNB

I guess all this warrants some communication and education for newcomers so I'll try to be more open which is something difficult for me as an introvert. But this is not time to be afraid either. It's time to have fun 🎉

We're entering not a digital money era but a new way of doing things era. It's a new way to market, to agree, to vote, to grant access, to monetize, but also to invest in the success of others and share on their success. The relationship to each other is shifting too.
Very interesting times indeed.

I will try my best to communicate more on what I'm doing and working on. Also, inform you of the projects I'm interested in and want Eclipsing Binary to be part of.

I have use case ideas on how to integrate ECLIPSE with other apps that I will be bringing up to the MTCG Team so we can all earn those rewards as well as we play our MTCG Mini Games and grow together.

This is it for now. Thank you for reading and for your support . More news coming soon


Special thanks to @mindsgaming for all the help
and to @satoriD for the token art
You shall be rewarded my friends :)