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dxsignerJun 24, 2019, 6:03:28 PM

dxgames official logo design.

Welcome to Dxsigner studios

We are happy to Present you the our new indie game studio : DX GAMES and our Patreon page , mind group !

Patreon ➡️ https://www.patreon.com/dxgames📰

Mind ➡️https://www.minds.com/groups/profile/989944521122308096/feed


We are Creators of Independent Games & Design.

Dxsigner Studios is Ⅱ Brothers Working as team

on Design Projects also making Games.

We are both Artist-Designer with skills and many years of experiences in multiple Arts domains like Graphic Design, Sound Design, Character Design, 3D Modelling, Visual Programming, Animation, Scripting, Games Design…

Our new Games laboratory DX GAMES is localized in Bretagne somewhere near Brest / France.

We are also creators behind the game series :


Official logo of the first Game of the series - EA-ENKI SPACE | THE GAME

EA-ENKI SPACE  - The Game  -  Pre-Alpha version 0.7.1
 - Development footages does not represent final product -


All you can do for support our game development :

* ➡️| Patreon | https://www.patreon.com/dxgames

* ➡️| Mind | https://www.minds.com/dxsigner

* ➡️| Paypal | https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_s-xclick&hosted_button_id=M87WLWN2XT5K2&source=url

* ➡️| ETH | 0xa6bb7224f21E2Cbb788A2d606446126bD932092b


* ➡️| 💌 Choose how goes to #charity or to us for our game developement | EA-ENKI SPACE

## While waiting for our game a great offer here with bundles of games in exchange for your help: you can support us in this way by choosing how to donate, you also have the choice to give to a charity …

GAMES BUNDLE LINK ➡️https://www.humblebundle.com/monthly?partner=dxgames

## Have A curated bundle of games sent to your inbox every month. Redeem on Steam and keep them forever.


EA-ENKI  | Game Charater Design - Concept Art version by DXGAMES


* ➡️| Youtube | https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQ_rqxpNEa5OeUwCLrXqurg | Gameplay videos coming soon

* ➡️| Instagram | https://www.instagram.com/dxsigner.design/

* ➡️| Twitter | https://twitter.com/DxsignerDX

* ➡️| Soundcloud | https://soundcloud.com/dxsigner


What is our goal with the start of the Game Series | EA ENKI SPACE ?

We start our adventure to create our game studio "DX GAMES" with for the begining of this series our first self made Game.

Our [current code name] for the first episode is :

EA ENKI SPACE | [Annunaki]

Back-Story* of the game :

Long time ago maybe 450 000 years old in human time near actual Sourh Africa…

…/You are EA ENKI a Nibirian guy becomed a Annunaki when you came with the first expedition from Space to Earth and now, you have in mind the idea of creating a new evolued being with ADN experiences. A fusion of Space & Earth beings in one. For that mission, you must start try to capture some pre Humans creatures…And don't forget you must also recolt some gold for help the Nibirian to save their planet Nibiru from of global warming since many Shar in Nibirian time/…

*The story is trying to be at most authentic inspired from the real ancient sumerian tablets…but you know… in relation to the technical level of the dev team this is turning,.. how could we say…: Maybe we will say all is interpreted with just "a little" touch of humor in the gameplay side. :-) :-)


To do your mission in game you have just for tools : Your magic light cable and some of powers of the light side being…, All this to find with your legendary wisdom, a genius way to attach them all nice without trouble and for sure try to not be evil with other living creature…

When all is nice attached : You can send the all package to your Spaceship with the help of your Jetpack and maybe try to add some light jump without forget the help of your Multi Dimentional being capabilities for healing yourself and who know maybe by doing this you'll be able to see what the matrix look like…

- But do not be naive some will not let you do what you have planned to do so easily….

EA-ENKI Charater Design by DXGAMES

GENRE : 3D Run Platformer (Physics based)

We have implemented a TPS with also a FPS camera for you can choose the view for play. We have do a big work for implement good animations for the physX locomotion system of EA ENKI character, that give at player intense sensations on fast deplacements. At all we work to have a very reactive character that give at player a cool physics based Gameplay very fun and easy to play.

All the concept of the game is based on physX system, procedural animations (Ragdoll system) for give to gameplay a touch of realism. The ragdoll system is a important base of the gameplay and it's implemented for the player character and somes important NPC's like the pre Human on game.

Also always more new ideas coming with inspirations and following your returns on beta testing as Patreon Member with all access for Download Early access version of the game. coming soon for Patreon members


First Gameplay Prototype [OK]

First Level Prototype [WIP]

As soon you will be able to download here the First playable pre-Alpha of the game that will be a very early access for Members only : coming soon for Patreon, mind members : …

PATREON & MIND STATUS : 06/05/2019

Opened : [OK]

First Images of the game and development :  for Patreon members.

Gameplay videos :  for Patreon members.

Download the Early Access First playable pre-Alpha versions of the Game [WIP] : coming soon for Patreon members.

Why we need your help for our games projects ?

DX GAMES | is a new borned idea we have both to create a independent Games studio.

We want to develop this branch of our creative works for realize our own video games projects.

For now at this state of the project all the dev part is realized with one guy for the rest with just our personal investments that are simply free time spent for design and programming this project.

The story was by start to create this game for us as challenge by passion for Arts & Game Design … but with many week full at work on the gameplay and on the concept and graphic design ;

We become to think is something interesting coming out and we have thinked also maybe we have something now people like to see work evolve real time and play as soon as possible for have fun like we have…

:-) :-)

EA-ENKI SPACE - The Game - Prototype version 0.7.1 - Development footage does not represent final product -

We know with your help and support sure we can expand this free time passion into a full-time work in game design, just for do games we want to do and better for you to have fun to play with !

By supporting us here, you offer to me and my brother the chance to dedicate more time to these projects and hopefully get them out faster and better like !

We also want to make sure to offer something great in return for your incredible support, so we will posting exciting bonus content here like some exclusive things like the download link for you can be a beta tester of a very early access version of the game, videos of gameplay at state we have, images, Characters works, backgrounds as well as other goodies for you to enjoy.

Thank You again if you give us your support on our projects with becoming a Patreon or mind Member !

We are very pleased to have you in board for follow the adventures of EA ENKI SPACE….

The DX Brothers.