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Food is Your Best Medicine

Dr. CassoneOct 29, 2018, 5:12:22 PM

A book by Dr. Harvey G. Bieler, M.D.

“My position is improper foods cause disease; proper foods cure disease. Nothing else needs to be said.” - Dr. Bieler

Famous Bieler Broth:

► 2 zuchinni

► 2 stalks of celery

► 1 cup green beans

► handful of parsley

► garlic to taste

► my dad used to add organic butter (not in original recipe) and salt

► Chop and steam with purified water until tender then blend and drink.

I was fortunate enough to treat one of Dr. Bieler’s patients for many years until he passed away in his nineties one year ago. He told me some of the doctor’s secrets and how patients came from all over for treatment with fantastic results. He himself was seriously ill before seeing Dr. Bieler.

Dr. Bieler’s Final Conclusion:

“As a practicing physician for over 50 years, I have reached three basic conclusions as to the cause and cure of disease.

The first is that the primary cause of disease is not germs. Rather, I believe that disease is caused by toxemia which results in cellular impairment and breakdown, thus paving the way for the multiplication and onslaught of other complications.

My second conclusion is that in almost all cases the use of drugs in treating patients is harmful. Drugs often cause serious side effects, and sometimes even create new diseases. The dubious benefits they afford the patient are at best temporary. Yet the number of drugs on the market increases geometrically every year as each chemical firm develops its own variation of the compounds. The physician is indeed rare who can be completely aware of the potential danger from the side effects of all of these drugs.

My third conclusion is that disease can be cured through the proper use of the correct foods. This statement may sound deceptively simple, but I have arrived at it only after intensive study of a highly complex subject: toxemia and endocrine chemistry.

My conclusions are based on experimental and observational results, gathered through years of successfully treating patients. Occasionally I have resorted to the use of drugs in an emergency situation, but those times have been rare. Instead, I have sought to prescribe for my patients’ illnesses antidotes which Nature has placed at their disposal.” - Dr. Bieler

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