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ZeosX: The Revolution of Banking

DjsaeedMay 1, 2019, 5:10:53 PM

Our banking system is known to have some setbacks such as security issues, retail banking, clearing, payments, etc. The introduction of blockchain technology as we see today is providing solutions to some of these setbacks in the banking sector. As such, it has been protected by financial experts as the future of banking. Blockchain technology encompasses just bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. Many projects are coming up today which are utilizing the technology to solve everyday human problems.

ZeosX is a decentralized crypto bank that aims to use its technological advancement in blockchain technology to revolutionize the banking system. This crypto bank will provide solutions to the problems of traditional banks such as;

i) borrow with or without collateral

ii) superior crypto wallet

iii) investments, auction, and lending

iv) luxurious and stunning quality cards.

This crypto bank is equipped with the latest technology that will make them the future of the banking system.

Solutions Of ZeosX

1) elimination of the third party between consumer to a consumer transaction, which cut-off additional expenses and charges by those third parties including delays this will cause

2) enable real-time transactions between two parties involved in the transactions. This will reduce operating costs and the burden of the complex system of intermediaries in our traditional banking system

3) revolutionizing the structure of capital markets in order to provide efficient securities of assets, stocks, and bonds. This will also make the security transaction faster and safer. A diagrammatic explanation of this process is shown in the whitepaper

Benefits of ZeosX

1) without an intermediary and rigorous process, clients are offered either collateral or non-collateral loan with ZeosX loan. ZeosX loan provides with a more secure way to borrow money with a very low-interest rate. In addition, clients are awarded ZeoPoints for early repayment

2) a decentralized banking system where clients can have full access and control to their funds. This will enable clients to decide and determine how their funds are spent. The decentralized system will ensure and protect the bank against corruption and hackers, as it is built on blockchain technology

3) a decentralized payment system, ZeoPay is created to ease online transactions. This system will curb the burden of exorbitant charges by the traditional banking system through PayPal and credit cards. Entrepreneurs, consumers, and freelancers can also integrate ZeoPay to reduce enormous service fees too

4) with ZeoInsure, clients are able to access seamless, better, and secured insurance of their choice.

Features of ZeosX

1) the ZeosX card which will not partner with any payment processor. Thus, there will be no exorbitant and unnecessary charges. It will operate on ZeosX POS devices powered by an ultra high lighting speed ZeosX core

2) the ZeoPay that allows clients to shop online with ease

3) ZeosX core which is the core technology of this crypto bank. It consists of smart contracts, blockchain, and decentralized application(Dapp)

4) ZeosX platform which is explained in more details in the whitepaper

ZeosX Rewards

Members of the zeoniteans community are opportuned to exclusive benefits, this includes;

1. Zeoniteans ranking system: investors are offered 5 tier of membership levels. Members of any of the levels are eligible to receive bonus tokens during each phase of token sales

2. ZeoCash: this can be earned by completing some tasks like; item transactions, acquiring the ZeosX cards, early repayment of non-collateral loans and HODLing Zeos tokens. The ZeoCash can be used for item purchase

3. ZeoTickets: which can be won during Zeox's lucky draw event. This ticket is exchanged for extravagant prizes e.g a first class flight ticket

4. Passive income: this can be acquired through HODL ZEOS and investors can get up to 300% passive income

Token Distribution

Total supply: 3,000,000,000

Token sale: 75%

Reserved funding: 13%

Founders and team: 9%

Advisors: 2%

Bounty: 1%

For more information visit ZeosX website

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