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Capitalism & Socialism Simplified

Democratic Socialist 🌎Dec 3, 2021, 11:18:09 PM


Who should own the means of production and decide how profits are allocated? 

  • Wealthy & Corrupt Dynasties - Capitalism / Corporatocracy, Feudalism
  • The State - Fascism / Nazism, Communism ( USSR, CCP )
  • The Workers - Socialism, Communism ( Marx, Anarcho )

The above is meant to be a more clear and concise categorization of how socialism contrasts to the other primary and dominant economic structures in our world today. There are so many false and skewed definitions and images of socialism floating around. Most were either created or manipulated by forces fundamentally opposed to the idea of socialism and are primarily motivated to obscure and demonize rather than educate.



The primary cause for this is due to the McCarthyist Cold War mentality that propagandized much of the western world for decades. This may well have been the largest, longest, and most highly funded propaganda campaign in history and is now known generally as the Red Scare. Many examples of similarly themed propaganda are still regularly produced even. During this period of intense state sanctioned repression, many other populist movements including socialists in the U.S. and around the world were actively persecuted by the imperial capitalist class.



Like many other things in this Orwellian world of lies and propaganda, it is important to sift through the distortions and distill the grains of truth that remain, sometimes few and far between. It is all too easy to get distracted away from truth by all the endless fictions being bought and sold around us.



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