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Still Unpacking but Progress has been made!

Bad AdventurerMay 20, 2019, 6:12:44 AM

UGH I’ve finally fixed up the logic to a “satisfactory” level to call the grid creation and actor movement, COMPLETED! On the outside it wont’ seem like much of a change cause ya know…

If only I could make better gifs, its actually smoother than this but it teleports around on 25fps!!

“Hey look that ball is moving around… so wut? The floor tiles aren’t big green blocks anymore!”

Yes well, the way I had things setup before made those blocks hard to interact with (if not impossible for me). This improvement builds upon the GridUnits class and uses the PlayerController class appropriately, which is to say they handle data only relevant to their children.

Ooo so nice and clean(er). Definitely NOT mom's spaghetti!

I also had to kill a potential memory leak that I created with event tick being fired FOREVER and a loop going nuts. This lead to creating more checks and conditionals which forced me to alter the logic even further but yeah, no one likes their games hogging up all their resources >_>;;;

Yeeaaa, this turned into mom's spaghet real quick...

Anyways it’s late as usual and I spent all day tweaking things to look better and make more sense. Till next time folks!

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