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Journey begins for Bad Adventurer on 'Wayfarer's Edge'!

demfrazApr 22, 2019, 3:39:37 AM

Hey folks,

I'm the developer for Bad Adventurer, a game development duo determined to make games which we hope will propel us into making our own studio!

My fellow adventurer, minds.com/MarnicArt, handles all the artistic direction of the game and helps bring the story to more vivid life!

We're currently working on our first game, Wayfarer's Edge! A RPG focused on exploring and settling unknown frontier lands in a low fantasy and wild west theme.

Why Minds?

We're moving to Minds because we believe that making games should be pure in its spirit and not held back by any platform or industry. If the community believes in it, then we'll see it through!

With your support, through views, shares and/or Tokens, we will continue to work on our bootstrapped projects with increased motivation knowing that the community is just as excited to see our games come to life as we are!