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Kibbe & Byrne Free the People

Deep CaptureNov 11, 2020, 9:50:49 PM

by Patrick Byrne

The Cone of Silence is nearly absolute these days. Journalists who have spoken to me for years, and who have been haranguing me to give them the rest of the story when I am ready to come forward, have (now that they understand it) crawled under their covers in fear of handling it. They have confirmed numerous parts of it, spoken to others involved… and still refuse to run it out of fear of angering the Powers That Be (or those that are soon to be). When the whole story is out and confirmed, I look forward to writing a piece naming them and shaming their weepiness.

Matt Kibbe does not fall into that category. He is pro-freedom, liberal, and knows that the correct way for a citizen to look at a politician, any politician, is down. He had me on for 60 minutes a couple of weeks ago. No cigars and whiskey this time, just a slow, methodical telling of my story.