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Minds Trustpilot reviews (click to read mine!)

deckenkatzeJun 7, 2022, 5:15:20 PM


a lot of the nigerian spammers took to trustpilot to leave reviews after the minds staff robbed them (lol. lmao.) so i left my own review. i encourage you to leave a review as well! i'd rate a little higher than you normally would to offset harambe's bitching that he stopped getting away with it.

here's my review!


★★★★★ (5)
Decent social media site that features free speech and crypto rewards (if you're not a spammer)

I've been here about 17 months. In brief, it's a well-intentioned social media site that promises free speech and crypto rewards, and it delivers, mostly.


• You can indeed post almost anything you want.

• The site does reward you for posting content, and those rewards can be converted into crypto.

• The site is straightforward in terms of building a following and you won't get held back by an algorithm that favors larger accounts. I gained over 2,000 followers on a new account in under 6 months.

• Some features are better than other major social media sites: editing posts is great, scheduling posts has a good interface, there's no character limit on posts, and promoting ("boosting") posts is fast and free.


• Converting your rewards into crypto goes through a wasteful and convoluted process that will cost you upward of $90-120 and take 1-72 hours, and sometimes you have to remind site staff to get it at all (but if you're not spamming you WILL get it, and it's ultimately free money).

• If you are a spammer they will indeed keep any fees you pay and kick you out, but frankly you deserve that because your "rewards" came from the pockets of authentic users.

• Because the site gives rewards, there are a lot of spammers trying to exploit the system—posting random images they found on google, leaving garbage comments, and creating tons of accounts to engage with themselves (say "hi" to Sinhala and the other nigerian spammers here in the 1-star reviews).

• The site is poorly polished and many features are bugged or flawed in noticeable ways.

• The site lacks some obvious and important features present in every other social media site (multi-image posting, polls, sharing comments, etc.)

• Site improvements are few and far between, and development seems to prioritize new features no one asked for over fixing or adding features most users feel are important.

• Leadership seems aloof, there's no clear direction for what the site wants to become, and transparency/communication with staff is poor—they do hold semiannual "town hall" meetings, but the response to everything is "good idea we'll work on that" with no difference in results.

• Owners completely disregard the value of their official crypto token (MINDS) and make no effort to manage it monetarily or address investors' concerns. This is on top of the volatility of its base coin (Ethereum) and has caused the value to fluctuate anywhere from $4.00 to $0.20, lately on the lower end.

• Many users are on Minds because they were banned from other social media platforms, which means a higher percent of users are dregs of society (actual schizos, edgy teens and 20-somethings, etc.)

• The app has a poor UI and censors a lot of content (though the latter is Apple & Google's fault).

In conclusion:

Most of the site's flaws are related to features that are both unique to it and completely optional, so it's not like the myriad of issues surrounding the MINDS token detracts from its functionality as a social media site. The score is low because spammers are big mad and come here to cry about it, apparently. If you can look past the leadership squandering its potential and mismanaging their token, and don't expect anything to improve, it's still a functional social media site that is much more free—and easier to succeed on—than most.