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EFFECTIVE tips and tricks on how each Zodiac sign can BOOST their mood!

davidthomastrologyJan 27, 2021, 4:58:15 PM

After the chaos that was 2020, it is no wonder that every Zodiac sign is on a quest to find its way to true and long-lasting happiness. What better way to find it than to engage in mood-boosting activities?

The thing is, every Zodiac sign differs in its methods in achieving emotional satisfaction. Some may like fun and rowdy activities such as adventuring, while others prefer to brew themselves a cup of tea while reading a book.

And so, in the spirit of finding peace and happiness this 2021, we compiled this list on how each Zodiac sign will find that in a more personal way. Do keep in mind that this is only a guide, and if you don’t think that the tips for your sun sign suit you, you can always refer to your rising sign.

Let the journey to mood-boosting begin!


Nothing uplifts Aries’ mood than coming out as number one in anything and everything. If they have their way in everything, then so much the better! But while being the top dog can be oh-so-satisfying, there are still other, more wholesome ways for them to feel the serotonin pumping in their veins.  

Among these activities are outdoor adventures that can help Aries destress while also engaging their strong personalities. Another would be trying out some fun routine changes, such as playing new and exciting online games and testing exercise regimens that they haven’t done before.

Whatever it is that Aries takes up to uplift themselves, the right mix of fun and adrenaline is sure to end their day right!


Indulging themselves is a very Taurus-y trait. From expensive accessories to equally bank-breaking meals, these people will not think twice about swiping their bank card just to feel that 10 second rush of euphoria after spending on something they want!

Yet self-care in the form of spending isn’t always healthy. One of the more wholesome ways that Taurus can uplift themselves is to take things a bit easier and breathe in the fresh air. Surrounding themselves with family and friends is also a big mood-booster for them.

Treating oneself with clarity and human connections will keep Taurus smiling day in and day out!


There is nothing more satisfying for Gemini than to chatter the day away, and they have an endless repertoire of stories to tell!  

Sometimes though, being the listener is far better. One way for Gemini to wind down is to sit down and have a good discussion with people they can trust. Engaging in productive forums and being open to new ideas is a good way for this sign to find inner peace.

Establishing connections and finding ways to be more effective communicators will surely take Gemini’s mood (and intellect) to greater heights!


Compassion is deeply ingrained in Cancer’s soul. Yet sometimes, they fail to recognize that they have to leave some of it for themselves. When they feel down, they feel helpless about something or burnt out after doing so much good in the world.

Cancer must then make self-care a priority. After all, a person cannot give to others what they do not have for themselves. Treating themselves to something sweet (sugar is a known mood-booster!) and engaging in hobbies is an excellent way to reconnect with themselves.

Putting oneself first sometimes isn’t selfish, and Cancer needs to acknowledge that to acquire happiness and fulfillment.


Fun and excitement are Leo’s lifeblood. When they are finding ways to boost their mood, it isn’t much of a challenge!

Whatever form an activity might take, be it dancing, karaoke, window shopping, or even ziplining, Leo will not turn it down! Once they’ve adjusted to the event’s atmosphere, they’re going to be the ones who will take the fun up the notch!

Being the party’s life, they became the party itself- now that’s Leo’s secret to happiness!


Calm and serene, Virgo loves nothing more than equally peaceful things. What better way for them to find happiness than in wholesome activities?

Meditating, gardening, or just simply listening to music can be a great help to lift Virgo’s spirits. They can also channel their creativity through painting and other similar activities that can help ease their mood.

Keeping things simple and wholesome is indeed what keeps Virgo happy, no matter what.


Like the scales that represent them, Libra can have wild mood swings. Keeping things calm and balanced (especially under pressure) can be quite difficult for them to do!

One of Libra’s best ways to keep things light is through one incredible act: doing chores! Yes, it may sound tiring, but for Libra’s inner disturbance, cleaning their home and arranging their things works wonders in uplifting their emotions.

Directing their inner disturbance in making things right will surely improve Libra’s mood in no time at all!


Being dark and brooding is one of Scorpio’s personalities. But even being the emo of the Zodiac does not equate to the inability to find happiness!

The best mood-boosting activity for Scorpio is opening up. Nothing beats the emotional relief and satisfaction in being open to people whom they love the most. Although Scorpio might find this a bit problematic, the effects it has on their wellbeing is tremendous.

Letting themselves free from shouldering their burdens alone- that is enough to keep Scorpio smiling for the rest of the day.


Being wild and free is Sagittarius’ thing. What, then, can make them happier than exactly doing that?

Going around and exploring new places, whether bustling with crowds or abandoned for centuries, will surely bring them joy. The thrill of adventure is what keeps their blood pumping and makes them feel alive, as befits a sign embodied by a centaur.

New sights and new experiences will surely give Sagittarius a definite mood boost!


Seriousness in everything that they do is a characteristic of Capricorn. But all work and no play will surely bring in a sour mood every day!

Some of the best activities that can help Capricorn manage their emotions is journal writing and gardening. The reason? They require hard work (which Capricorn craves A LOT) yet at the same time gives a sense of satisfaction and mood boost. Not to mention, it releases much of the tension that this sign retains even after they’ve done their job.

Fusing fun and work at the same time- now that’s going to make Capricorn happy!


Being emotional and sensitive is Aquarius’ trait. Yet sometimes, even their heightened sense of empathy can get even the best of them and wear them down.

A good mood lifter for Aquarius would be acts of service. They can opt to find causes that they can stand for or simply visit an orphanage and give the best help that they could to those in need. If Aquarius can’t have the time and resources to go out, focusing on themselves through fixing their décor or arranging furniture can help them a lot, too.

Finding and doing good when they’re down is sure to keep Aquarius’ emotions afloat.


Being “chill” and go with the flow is no doubt one of Pisces’ best qualities. But allowing themselves to let themselves get taken over by everything that is happening can sometimes upset and overwhelm them.

An effective mood-boosting activity for Pisces is to let their imagination run wild. It is not by thinking about negative scenarios, of course, but rather through stimulating activities such as cooking, reading, or anything they feel doing.

By allowing themselves to be washed away by their happy thoughts and doing nice things, Pisces seems to be on the right path to happiness!