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Coronavirus and the Fog of War

ArzoumanApr 14, 2020, 1:01:13 AM

“The fog of war” is a phrase used to characterize the confusion and fear that can ensue in battle. Confusion and fear are states of mind in which clear, critical thinking is short-circuited. Besides being a haphazard byproduct of battle, this “fog” can be deliberately deployed as a tactic to disable and subjugate a people. Regardless of your favorite theory on the origin and severity of the coronavirus—deliberate bio-weapon or bats in an open air food market, genuine existential threat to humanity or just another flu—it should be obvious by now how this virus is being used to disable the general population through confusion and fear.

Health issues are not generally associated with matters of Constitutional rights or civil liberties, nor with tyranny, totalitarianism or martial law. Perhaps that is precisely what makes it such a fertile area in which to secret such tyranny. The battle over health freedom has reached a fever pitch in recent years. At stake is the civil right of body autonomy versus invasive government mandates. Those mandates are at the bidding of the pharmaceutical giants in control of the mainstream news media and armed with the largest lobbying force in Washington. While you might never know it by those same mainstream media talking heads, or by politicians, the resistance has been growing worldwide and the truth was making inroads against well-established lies.

This pharmaceutical assault is just one piece—a key piece—of a larger array of such assaults. Whether this array is coordinated and deliberate or an accidental “perfect storm” of coincidental agendas does not lessen the threat. In that context, it is worth noting how the weaponization of the word “conspiracy”—a word denoting a simple, persistent phenomenon of history—would actually play into the hands of powerful elites with something to hide. It has become a name-calling disparagement carrying such social stigma that the accused automatically flinch, backtrack and apologize for even thinking along those lines. In whose interests is it that our thinking & speaking are so circumscribed by this self-censorship?

Adversarial experiences often teach an important lesson: don’t listen to what an opponent or negotiator is telling you, look at how they’re moving their chess pieces. If the following events or trends were regarded as chess moves, we have to at least consider what they may portend for our future freedom and well-being:

1. Increasing revelations regarding cover-ups of assumed vaccination safety testing and efficacy, with ever-greater numbers of parents stepping forward with stories of harms to their children coincident with vaccination;

2. Congress-conferred lack of vaccine manufacturer’s legal liability for their products in the context of ever-encroaching government mandates for an ever-increasing vaccine schedule;

3. Government vaccine mandates as coordinated assaults on philosophical, conscientious and religious exemptions, the Nuremberg Code and the Bill of Rights;

4. Patentable food monopolies via GMO technology and the failed promise of those technologies to either increase crop yields, nutrition or benefit the environment;

5. The active role of the Grocery Manufacturer’s Association and its giant food conglomerate “household name” members to obscure informed consumer and voter health choices, and their complicit role in undermining the health of a nation;

6. Assaults on the ecologies of the natural environment and the human microbiome via the ubiquity of Roundup/glyphosate and related chemical toxins;

7. The abysmal lack of hard-hitting mainstream investigative journalism, facilitated by the consolidation of media outlets under a few corporate hands, and the sponsoring of news programs by the pharmaceutical industry among others;

8. The criminalization and/or censorship of independent journalistic activity, e.g. persecution of Julian Assange; NSA-spying revelations of Edward Snowden; the recent revelations by former Google employee Zack Vorhies on Google’s attempts to subvert democracy by manipulating search results; recent assaults and purges by Google, Facebook et al. of alternative sources for health information;

9. The corporate/government “revolving door” and the capture of key governmental regulatory agencies by the very corporations they are meant to regulate, e.g. FDA, FCC, CDC;

10. Patriot-Act enabled spying on citizens and erosion of Constitutional rights, coupled with ceaseless “regime-change” wars and the trend toward militarization of local police departments;

11. The results of an August 2019 Gallup poll finding the healthcare industry, the federal government and the pharmaceutical industry (dead last) at the very bottom of the list in terms of public regard;

12. As mentioned, the pharmaceutical industry as the top-spending lobbying force in Washington D.C.;

13. U.S. outspending the rest of the world in healthcare and yet rating near 40th in health outcomes, compelling the obvious consideration that there may be some additional agenda to this industry’s expenditures besides simply “health”;

14. The calls to move toward a cashless society, particularly as an incremental move away from an individual’s economic independence and in the context of ever-increasing surveillance of consumers;

15. Untested-for-safety terrestrial and satellite based 5G technology intended to leave no square inch of the earth’s surface clear of these radiations;

16. The coming, 5G-enabled Internet of Things in the light of Technocratic agendas, technological-enabled surveillance and the portent of China’s social credit system;

17. The unholy alliance of Pharma and biometrics (e.g. vaccination with an implantable RFID “radio-frequency identification” chip, or the recently announce MIT “quantum dot dye” containing a person’s medical or vaccination history… each citizen potentially becomes one of the “things” in the Internet of Things;

18. The coming “Real ID” requirement of citizens as a ready choke point to enforce mandatory pharmaceutical interventions or face forfeiture of government-controlled needs and services such as interstate travel, driving licenses, flying, entering government or other public buildings and even the right to earn a living;

19. The normalization of the ever-increasing portability of technology with the aim of deeply integrating such technologies seamlessly into our products, environments and bodies, including implantable nano-technologies and Neuralink-type computer/brain interfaces;

20. Nonstop contrived political and social controversies to divert away from actual matters of import, aided and abetted by a fake two-party political system; and

21. Officially unacknowledged atmospheric aerosol spraying; this may be controversial, but suspicions are easily supported by simply looking up to see the deliberate cross-hatching patterns dispersing into an unnatural silvery-gray layer covering the sky and blocking the sun. If the purpose of such activity is to remain undisclosed, then speculations are to be expected, which include toxic compounds for climate modification, large-scale vaccination and/or other unimaginable nano-particulate applications.

With the coronavirus hysteria and shutdown, how many such trends either remain safely hidden from distracted public view, or else get an actual boost through official proposals of the “solution”? Now proposed as reasonable or plausible are many of the trends which were facing stiffening opposition pre-COVID-19:

1. Mandatory vaccination for all;

2. Mandatory digital/biometric certification/identification based upon vaccination status as a prerequisite to move freely about society, a boost to the surveillance state;

3. Rush to implement 5G installations, at least partially on the excuse of the need to provide for greater internet traffic—e.g. schooling or working from home—during the quarantine;

4. Immediately available alternative therapies and preemptive health choices belittled for the promise of unproven, potentially dangerous messenger-RNA vaccine; this step will only foster further normalization of other technologies invasive to natural biology, such as genetically modifying foods/organisms, the nano-technological “tagging” of humans, or Neuralink-type computer/brain interfaces;

5. The precedent of establishing a virus as an existential threat to humanity, thus conferring the autocratic power and authority coveted by the pharmaceutical industry;

6. A long-predicted and warned-of economic calamity, the product of unsound debt-based economic theory/practice, central bank market manipulation, unbridled fiat-currency printing, the disallowing of an economic reset during the 2008 financial collapse and crony capitalism can now all be conveniently blamed on a virus;

7. A further ratcheting-up of internet censorship under the guise of public health safety, targeting those questioning the glaring inconsistencies of official narratives and policies during this crisis and thus further clamping down on freedom of speech;

8. A further boost to ideas about a cashless society, again under the thin pretext of public safety, cash framed as a medium of viral transmission. This would not be a pressing priority during a pandemic unless perhaps as a tactical step toward greater surveillance and control, especially in this age of widespread credit and debit card usage, Paypal, Bitcoin, electronic banking and online commerce;

9. The restoration—for some—of pharma’s dismal reputation, e.g. the entrusting and awarding of Johnson & Johnson as a key player in the race for a COVID-19 vaccine… apparently we’ve already forgotten this pharmaceutical giant’s recent scandalous cover-up of cancer-causing asbestos in its talc and that it was perfectly fine with letting us douse it on babies and ourselves… hardly an isolated transgression for this world’s largest healthcare company;

10. The psychological training and normalization of obediently going under martial law and enduring the shortages and deprivations of a stopped economy while waiting for government handouts, all consistent with technocratic “new world order” agendas;

11. Also lending momentum to top-down, centralized global control, the introduction of new terms and concepts that have quickly established the mores of “social distancing.” When added to search and social-media censorship, quarantined work/school from home, propaganda and agenda driven search results, assaults on free speech, information “bubbles” through user-targeted search results, and the notion that we are to police or snitch on our neighbors for violation of quarantine injunctions, we have an ingenious modern, technocratic take on “divide and conquer.”

Because of the nature of this crisis, certain medical terminologies find their way into more general discourse. One such phrase is “cytokine storm,” referring to the body’s overreactive immune response that can be more lethal than the actual threat from the invading agent. This type of response, in the lungs for example, has the potential to block airways and lead to suffocation. So we have the concept of self-destruction through overreaction, offered as a living example to our medical experts from our very physiology. But we just can’t seem to make the mental leap to seeing the same principle in society? Such is the potential for blinding through specialization.

Society and professions are usually based on such specializations, often another manifestation of the “divide-and-conquer” paradigm. No practice exemplifies this more than our modern approach to “health” and medicine. The idea that we could have kidney specialists or cardiologists while few if any in that system consider the body holistically, in terms of energy flow and as an integrated system, should strike us as being unimaginable. Just as unimaginable is the disconnect in that “health” system from the vital factors of food and environmental quality, toxins and stress, or that ultimately our physical health may have some connection to other levels of our being, to our psychic, mental, moral and spiritual health. Official pronouncements are squeezed out through this ever-constricting view like a drug administered through a hypodermic needle, and no matter how ignorant or inapplicable it may be, the free choice to opt out of that vision is being shut down.

A battle for truth is a battle over narrative; the pharma-cartels try to control it through their government lackeys and a sold-out media dispensing fear and propaganda. They acknowledge and exploit what supports their agenda, the fact-of-life deaths from old age and disease, but not the suffering from crushing people's livelihoods and spirits through martial law, the hundreds of thousands of deaths yearly at the hands of pharma and the medical industry, those whose lives have been broken by vaccination harms, the stunning indifference to basic, universal human rights, or the unprecedented levels and types of chronic disease and sputtering vitality in a society guided by the tag-team vision of “big ag/food,” and “big pharma,” directly and through their captured government agencies.

Narrative control is also evident in the glaring prejudice as to what constitutes “healing” or “cure.” That excludes proper nutrition, exercise, a strong immune system and the presence of mind to resist to the media/medical fear mongering. Narrative control includes casual indifference to efficacious but less profitable alternatives, since we are all supposed to wait with bated breath for the winner of the Gates-sponsored “Let’s Make a Vaccine” game show. It’s interesting how their narrative so perfectly counters anything that is self-empowering, that takes us outside the clutching grasp of their authority. But we should each be able to decide for ourselves if Big Pharma is to be our religion, if a COVID-19 vaccine is to be our messianic savior, and if Bill Gates or Anthony Fauci should be determining the health orthodoxies we are to follow, or decreeing which freedoms we are to have.

The confusion post 9/11 was skillfully exploited to dismantle basic, Constitution-ensured rights and freedoms while people panicked. We should not be so reactive or trusting this time. From the standpoint of manipulation and control, the virus is the ideal terrorist: it cannot be seen; its threat must be taken second hand, on belief. Whether or not you accept any of the outside-the-mainstream takes on the events and trends listed above, a bit of the attitude and skepticism of a conspiracy theorist would serve us well right now.

Anyone is free to assume that a coordinated global lockdown, a trial run of medical marshal law, and an astonishingly quick reprogramming of social mores can just happen overnight, without the forethought of extensive, coordinated planning. For anyone paying attention, however, recent events have exposed not only serious corruption, but the dire threat to freedom and the vulnerable position the average citizen occupies. Bill Gates is not a health expert, not a scientist and not an elected representative. Yet he and other cohorts of a shared vision assume greater prominence during the crisis, more brazen about what they see is required, as if testing a chokehold on the world. What kind of citizen is required for their schemes to work? Do you want to be that?

The word “conspire” ultimately just means “to breathe together.” We can con-spire behind masks, in fear, locked down and waiting for our shots; that’s one conspiracy scenario. Or we can go outside, breathing together under clear blue skies, and gratefully accept the sun’s light and the free Vitamin D immunity boost it so generously gives with its golden rays. The pictures we hold in our minds are the blueprints for tomorrow. We know which one is Gates’ picture; which one is yours?

David Arzouman