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How To Make Sure That Minds Don't Become Facebook

Dan ErikssonApr 9, 2017, 8:54:27 PM

Minds have to, and will, grow. But at what cost? Is there a risk that Minds will become the new Facebook with uninteresting content? Well, hopefully not - but there might be a solution to make sure it doesn't happen.

So, after my comeback to Minds one week ago I've been treating it more or less as my primary social network. I've installed the app, I'm browsing the newsfeed almost every awaken hour and I'm doing my bit of sharing stuff I find interesting. I even put up a monthly $20 points purchase to support the site (and to be able to boost the good content of course).

One thing is clear to me: Minds is really good. And I'm not only talking about it being open source, has encrypted messaging or believes in freedom of speech. One thing that really stands out is how good the content is. 

I really enjoy flipping through the boosted posts on top of my newsfeed as I almost always find something interesting. 

All this together makes me realize that I want to put more effort into Minds instead of that blue, bloated totalitarian train wreck called Facebook. I want to get all my followers to join Minds, my friends to start posting here and my enemies to debate me in the comment sections.

Can Minds grow and still be great?

But then I stop and wonder: What will happen to Minds if everybody and their grandmothers sign up? Sure, the platform will still be awesome, but do we really want to see 300 boosted posts about what people had for dinner or how angry they are about something happening in Dancing With The Stars?

Yes, you can block people you don't like, but I guess that wouldn't solve the issue. 

Because there is no question about that we all want to bring more people to Minds, and I don't want them all to be just consumers; I want them to contribute as well of course. But how do we make sure to keep the content relevant to all different sorts of people?

I might have an idea for a solution

One idea would be the possibility to put your posts within a category. This could be totally opt-in, and for all who doesn't choose a category they could just end up in "General". Then on the newsfeed you would normally see all boosted posts, but you would also have the possibility to toggle categories (for boosted and/or regular posts).

With that kind of solution you could untoggle "Food" and toggle "Politics" on, or vice versa.

Just an idea. Maybe I'm worried without a reason. But I really want Minds to grow, but I don't want it to lose its qualities in the meantime.

What do you think? Could this become a problem? Would my solution be something you'd like?