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The Secret of Dusk and the Liminal Entry into the Alter Sessions

Chapter #1: The Prophecy

The ‘Secret of Dusk’ is a 5000 year old prophecy recently discovered deep underneath rubble in the middle east and only recently translated. This vision or prophecy of a sort, tells of a time when there is great possibility of a fundamental upgrade in human consciousness that has the capacity to wash over humanity, cleansing it of the Dusk (a form of Darkness) and that this Prophecy would be revealing the Secret to travelling from this Dusk reality to new benevolent alternative realities called Sessions and that ultimately we will settle on a specific Session with limitless potential for enriching our lives.

The Secret of Dusk prophecy is composed of many parts, which in time I will reveal all. It’s overarching theme is simply a time when the vast majority of Humanity is infected with a sort of darkness, not all that different then a mind being consumed by a Parasite, except in this case, the Parasites are nothing more than idea Parasites and these idea Parasites feed off of fear, separation and feelings of victim mentality.

It tells of a time when there would be these “Organizations” of Destructive Pendulums that “set” the narratives for nearly all of the almost 8 billion people who inhabit this world. This Prophecy also talks of a small group of people who would be creating an alternative world, or alternative realities referred as “alter-sessions”, that are impenetrable to these Pendulums and their idea parasites.

The Prophecy promises to reveal a formerly Secret process of moving from this Dusk reality to these Alternative Sessions, in step by step form. These Alternative Sessions are every bit as real as the reality we see today. They exist in the infinite metaverse, you choose which reality you want to inhabit by “surfing” too them, for lack of a better description, like moving from wave to wave on the Ocean. The prophecy talks of this exact process that will work for everyone who chooses to exercise a healthy level of discrimination, a deep introspective examination and a certain level of enthusiasm that would ensure that one by one, these new realities are manifested until one day there was enough of us that all of Humanity would “surf” to this new reality with us.

The Secret of Dusk, focuses on the topic of these “World Narratives” that are created by these things called Destructive Pendulums. A Destructive Pendulum is a term coined by a Russian man named Vedim Zeland and is initially, nothing more than an idea that takes hold in the consciousness of individuals. When enough individuals are infected by these “Thought Parasites” these Destructive Pendulums gain a life of their own and become the dominant power on Earth.

These ‘Alter Sessions’ or alternative sessions of reality, not alternative as in imaginary, but actual literal realities that you can go and inhabit and live fully enriched existences.

One element of The Prophecy is like an Oracle that knew or predicted that in 5000 years time, that the cultures of the world would be controlled by these Pendulums through giant social networks, giant communications networks and the giant information networks, all powered by these Destructive soul less Pendulums.

Be on the lookout for Chapter #2, coming soon!

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