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Man gives up high paying job to create a permaculture farm, and it’s incredible.

The Daily PostOct 5, 2016, 9:18:27 PM

It took hundreds or articles and documentaries to get him going, but once he saw “A Crude Awakening: The Oil Crash,” about peak oil and resource depletion, Andrew Martin knew he had to renounce his life as a businessman and turn to permaculture and sustainable living.

“Once you engage with growing and experiencing nature, then things start to happen. It’s like a flower. It starts growing, getting bigger. And then that leads to something else,” he says.

Indeed, what began a simple piece of land has turned into a lush ecosphere, consisting of a vegetable garden, fruit trees, a pond and wildlife habitats.  His neighbors are even blown away by the amount of wildlife it has attracted.  Martin has attributed the growth to letting nature take care of itself, rather than trying to control it.

“This lifestyle of working on the land and doing permaculture feels more rewarding. With a lot of current society it’s take, take, take. With this sort of lifestyle I feel like this is long term. I’m putting something back,” he says.

He's found a passion and deep sense of success in the creation of a healthy, natural environment - a fulfillment he did not get from making money.

 His entire experience has been documented as the first segment of the Living the Change documentary film series by Happen Films.