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J͢U͢I͢C͢E͢S͢T͢E͢I͢N͢ S͢T͢O͢C͢K͢ F͢A͢C͢T͢O͢R͢S͢ N͢E͢V͢E͢R͢ T͢O͢L͢D͢

CyrusTylerJul 22, 2019, 7:45:49 AM


If you are reading this to find a quick and easy way to get rich in the stock markets, you're really really stupid dumb faggot, that should not be in charge of a coin dispenser. Bad, bad goy! Oy vey 

This is the beginning of a series of posts explaining basic schemes in the financial industry. Yeah, there's no saints on this side of the counter. The elementary predatory sales tactic we abuse is the complex jargon for people who have no training, practice nor interest in the field. I'm not a social worker ok? I don't give change for my mother if she's dying of hunger. Therefore I intend to write in the most simple way otherwise I would be cheating and I already cheat too much when the market is open. What I'm getting in return? Some repentance and something that means a lot to me. Talk like a drunken pig fucker sailor, like we used to a few years ago.

At least they left us the memes 

Everyone is so retarded and PC I don't give a flying fuck on this papers. THIS IS MY SAFE SPACE GODDAMN IT. I'm tired from HR breaking my balls. Of interns who bring their parents to show them where they work. Can you believe this is a thing? What a bunch of pussies. I'm 31 yo, I get the same old bullshit from boomers and the annoyances from Gen X. It's understandable and it's just another pain in the ass, i have a pretty nice life to complain. 

Yet... I suspect I may have some anti social tendency and not being able to talk without stepping on eggs not to offend every single person around who gets woke at a gay joke... Shit, our Supreme Court ruled Homophobia a crime!! 

People who has dissident views and a short fuse (Spain Red Blood it's a gene) need to vent. I'm already pissed off thinking of lunch tomorrow. Entering the restaurant and my good old friend who's a damn decent fella but he's annoying and are those kind of people who never let things go. You know those people. He's quite neurotic I know he will be in my left with his shalom meal in a fucking plastic bag like a bum, and the jew makes 6 figures only on bonuses and as far as I know the goatfucker never spent 2 dimes. The waiter for the 3000x will tell him that he can't take a bag of food and eat at a 4 star restaurant, but these people are relentless He goes on everyday knows he's getting into a discussion on LUNCH and just repeats that he's a jew (no shit kike look at that money nose) and has to eat meat in a sacred cow killing way. Nobody researches anything about them, so nobody knows how cruel and sadistic killing ritual they follow for 3000 yrs. Maybe Gen zyklon will rescue the earth. HAIL SOPH! 

That's it. 

Hoppe told us who, Pinochet told us how 

Just kidding tranny. 

As you may notice, I'm freestyling like biggie smalls in the the shithole ghetto he sold Crack to pregnant women. I can understand that. 

For the love of God stop falling into ponzi schemes. I'm going to explain how fucking stupid ppl are and red flags that if you confirm a pattern of a specific behavior, just pull out. Don't risk a creampie with a $10 whore man, Jesus. 

Thinking about it… I have to elaborate some aspects of behavioral finance. A prerequisite ability you need to may have a >.1% chance of breaking even is emotional intelligence. 

Behavioral Finance is way too complex to finish this to-night. This is a brief on the topic and next article I will tell you examples of Predatory practices we use based on this theory. Just give some of your time to understand it, the pay-off is huge. It applies to every relation in life

.Enjoy my boring ass introduction.

I already left trading for consulting, I couldn't handle anymore. I am indeed an expert in the field. I'm Brazilian, English ain't my first language, if I fuck up a syntax, you know that I'm just a nigga ass taco belly beaner 😁😁 Nha That I can't be. I'm white, cys gender (that's normal in American language right?), already made my money, and I'm an Economist proponent of the Austrian School, particularly the Rothbardian/Hoppe Alt-Right Libertarianism. Stories here will be hyperbolic, a mix of real life events with some ficcional add-ons for my amusement. However it's no joke how dirty people are

Hopefully I'll be able to cover from the stock broker plancton up to our masters. The Central Bank. You may think it's some crazy Alex Jones shit, I would cut my long ass dick if it was that cute. It's way way worst then a reptile theory be valid.


So before diving in behavioral finance, let's discuss some mal practices cof*cof*cof* and then you will get it. I'll lay down the overall criminal nature of finances, maybe I can persuade someone about it, it's so absurd most people prefer to pretend it's not even when I show them concrete evidence most take the blue pill. 

. Good for them. 

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