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Recent Comissions and Collaborations

curryhoboJan 15, 2020, 1:28:56 AM

Steadfastly exchanging scribbles, sketches, drafts and renderings into cash, food, diapers and bills paid. Filling the gaps with some labor work, metal, stones and lumber, slumber and scribbles again.

Many friends and family helped us make it through this year. There is heavy pressure to put down the scribbly pencil and find a 9 to 5.

Here are some corporate collaborations I've worked on in the past dozen or so months, at least the ones I can legally share.

All these images are licensed to their respective owners. Unlike my other work which is typically creatively communable.  

Salt Spring SuperBeans:

paid in hand-selected, hand-roasted coffee for this piece...

BeachSiDE Kayak Adventures:

paid in cash and $100 worth of wool socks for this one.

Winged Heart Farm:

I didn't get paid for this one, part of a karmic exchange perhaps...

Athletic Evolution:

for my fitness freak brother

Sovereign Cycle:

see this on a cycling jersey?

TB Stonework:

for my friend Terry Beiman, stone artist savant, he paid me well.

Maple Tree Montessori:

anyone want an epic coloring page?

Media Benders:

media benders. my idea is best. be an image lender. the writing is in medium letters. messy bitches. messiah pretenders. hang in there, the money is pending... it will get better.


I've also been doing some collaborations with Minds.com and Minds.tv. That collaboration has a strange metaflavour, and it's manifestations are all over the curryhobo channel and the mindful tokenization group, https://www.minds.com/groups/profile/936701546206588928/feed .

The warmest creative exchange of the year came from a restaurant I kept going to while muraling in Norwalk, CT. The noodle bar known as Mecha... everytime I finished an amazing meal there I would leave a few drawings of the servers there, with the tip. Bartenders and Cooks. Weirdo caricatures. They began laminating them with their menu laminator, decoration for their staffroom... My last night there I ordered a super epic meal with pints and appetizers and and big luminant bowl of curry. I threw them a few more surreal portraits as I ate, and when I went to pay they said my $70 bill was on the house.

Scribbles can be exchanged for healthy, deeply loved food. 


doodles for noodles...


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