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@ottman Scribblograph Brainstorm 13/02/2019

curryhoboFeb 14, 2019, 12:29:16 PM

I tried the gathering video feature today, for the first time.

@ottman called me up to discuss some collaborative wiggle waggle.

It was the first time we spoke in the vocal frequencies.

He was on his way to an ethereum convention in Denver, at the airport with the airport vibes in the background. I was breathing a twist of ganja, with a bloated belly of vegan hemp banana chocolate chip pancakes, sitting in a cabin in an arctic rainforrest, with the 3 cups of coffee before noon vibes.

I shared my screen while we spoke. I scribbled, and peppered him with a quest of questions for an hour or more. The morphological adventures of Hobo and Blottman. Afterward I relishing in the tingly glow of collaboration and spent a couple hours making the scribbles half intelligible.





























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