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from Lockdown diaries 4nd entry | week 3 The first Voldemort was born today in Europe due to the current crisis and it is our responsibility to call it by its name. On 30th March 2020 Viktor Orban became the dictator of Hungary. Speak loudly for they cannot. From now on in Hungary, anybody criticising the government actions will be sentenced for 5 years of jail. You might think like this one was an obvious one but it wouldn't surprise me if there were more attempts to power-grab the power. 2020 Polish presidential elections could be used in one way or another to achieve a similar thing as Orban did in Hungary. And more could come, it is not corrupted that seek the power, it is the power that corrupts. I cannot stress myself enough to repeat that the damage of the virus will be the last thing we care about once everything is set and done. We, the people mustn't be ignorant of what is happening. Democracy is our responsibility. Quick update on Austria: Today it was announced that from Wednesday one have to wear a mask to enter a shop. That goes against recommendation of WHO. #hungary #budapest #europe #coronavirus #covid19
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