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SpringRole - A Better Way for Job Assessing

Crypto MindsJun 30, 2018, 12:01:36 AM

Today`s Methods and the Problems with Them

Okay, let`s be honest with ourselves we have all lied at some point in our CV`s or during a job interview. Even the best of us have added some “spice” while talking with the interviewer for that job that we have always wanted (or needed). While most of us have added something small or just used a stronger word to describe the amount of experience we have in a field, there are some people in the world that shamelessly lie in their job application and this creates a massive problem for hiring managers and interviewers. Because of these shameless liars the managers need to spend hours calling the appropriate departments just so they can confirm that a candidate isn`t lying about where they graduated or they aren’t lying about a certain set of skills.

This however makes companies loose tons of money each year just to keep teams dedicated to researching whether or not a person is being honest in his application form or CV. Checking if someone actually graduated Harvard like they claim they do is also heavy on the university because they also need to dedicate a person or make someone heavy the load of checking the question, checking the student database and probably even check the university paper records (for some of the older people applying for jobs) and finally, after all that hassle, answering the email/ return the phone call. For one person this can take anywhere between a minute and a couple of hours, now imagine if they were a thousand. That is a lot of time and resources wasted because of somebody that had decided to lie and state that they graduated Harvard. If only we had a way of eliminating this process, a way of connecting thing in such a way that there would no longer be a need for teams dedicated to confirming people`s statements during the interview. 

What if we could unite every company and university on some sort of platform so that whenever someone makes a profile and states that they have previous experience working in Google, we could check if they actually did work there because the platform wouldn`t let them state it if it were false? What if there was a platform that we could accurately assess people`s skill in a certain field and be sure that the assessment is correct? That would be incredible, we would be able to just check their profile and decide if they are eligible for the job or at least for an interview. What if I told you that such a platform is in the making and as of today it has a working and published beta version.


Yep, that is its name. Kind of sounds like some delicious desert but trust me it is something just as good.

Spring role is a blockchain based platform designed to be the end to all the hassle of background skill checking. The team is currently creating a network that is going to hold verified and structured user accounts that can be used in the recruiting industry to ensure the hiring managers don`t have to deal with false information.

The platform itself resembles something that is quite straight forward. It is there so that people can create professional profiles, create professional connections with people and of course the profile serves as a sort of “first view” of them before the hiring manager checks out their CV and before they go to an interview.

Each profile begins with a registration and making it secure is always a challenge. As of today there are a couple of steps to complete but considering that one of their main supporters is CIVIC we can be sure that sooner or later, Civic`s identity protection is going to be implemented into the Spring Protocol to create the most secure profile known to this day. But until that happens, in order to register we need to simply sign in using Google.

In order for the whole thing to work however, it needs to have a large amount of users that can provide the information. The SpringRole crew, are working hard to get companies, universities and ordinary users to join the community before the launch so that when the platform is finished, every new user can use all the benefits that come with the platform.

I mentioned the need for a verified account that can show us an accurate view of the persons skill set and experience. That is the reason why the crew needs so many people to join: When a university joins the platform can easily assess whether a person has actually graduated the university or not. Same goes with the companies, the platform can check if the person actually has past experience (and if so what kind of experience they had). That is the easy part though. Since the human skill set doesn`t fall into any exact science, there is no fast and easy way to know if a person actually possesses that skill or not. That is why SpringRole has an endorsement system that can be pretty accurate. Instead of letting everyone endorse everyone with equal weight, people are endorsed using the platforms own currency called SPRING and the weight of the endorsement actually relies on the skills of the endorser and the skill of the person being endorsed. For example if a high-class programmer endorses a programmer the endorsed is going to get more points but if the high-class programmer endorses a business advisor, the business advisor wouldn`t get as many points. So basically you can`t go around endorsing whoever you want because: one you`ll use up all your tokens and two: because people can choose whether or not to accept your endorsement and the more you get rejected the less authority you have, you are eventually going to be unwanted and the profile is going to be useless. If that isn`t a reason to be selective and careful, I don`t know what is.

This whole thing works, as I have already mentioned, based on the blockchain technology. The reasons why the crew chose blockchain are fairly simple; the blockchain gives the opportunity for a secure, transparent and immutable system that can outlast and prove itself better than today`s, centralized money-hungry recruitment systems.

The following image gives a very good idea about how the whole thing operates:

The project

This is one really fast moving project compared to every other ICO out there, it might just be most cramped roadmap I have ever seen. The current roadmap is a bit over a year long yet it has a dozen milestones set in it. The first milestone that is shown on the roadmap is the writing and publishing of the draft of the whitepaper back in Q3 of 2017 after that there are just two months till the launch of the beta platform and URL reservation feature and from there the milestones are spread out just about every month and each of them is crucial for the project as a whole. The final milestone that is on the roadmap is basically there to but till then we have half a year and even so it is one of the fastest moving projects out there because by December of 2018, which is a little over a year since the start, they are going to have almost a fully operational platform, which is more than more than what some ICO`s do for 3 years.

SpringRole is created by a team of multicultural and experienced people. All of which are dedicated to finishing the project and making it a reality. It is all good and well with the team, It is fairly obvious that the team is great after looking at the milestones on the roadmap but they wouldn`t even be together if it weren’t for Kartik Mandaville. He is the founder and currently the CEO of SpringRole. He graduated the Carnegie Mellon University and according to the site his personal goal was a better connected world built on transparency and trust and I am prone to believing it because of all the experience he has in fields like Bio-technology, machine learning and so on. Something worth mentioning is that he seems like a genuinely good guy because in 2010 he founded AutoBudder which is basically an app that automatically wishes “Happy Birthday” to your friends.

Like any project, SpringRole needs a website that can represent its idea and help people to get to know the project. SpringRole`s website is rather well done, with a responsive design to fit any device and a well picked out color scheme. Little touches here and there make the website all the better and I am sure that a lot of people will appreciate the subtle references to popular culture.

The whitepaper is 37 pages long, extremely well written so that it is easy to understand by anyone. Subtle jokes and references set the atmosphere and help the reader relax which is something that is rarely done. Graphs make understanding the information that little bit easier and overall the whitepaper is a great tool which is kept up to date so that people can always read and understand what is going on with SpringRole.

I have already mentioned that in order to endorse people you`ll need tokens and SpringRole have decided to make their own instead of using someone else`s. Their token is called simply SPRING and it costs 0.00002 ETH which is relatively cheap at the current price of ETH. The total amount of tokens is 10,000,000,000 out of which just 2,550,000,000 are going to be sold during the sale and the rest are going to be kept for usage while the app is working. Normally it would have been better to give more than 25,5% of the tokens away during the sale but considering what are they going to be used for I reckon that 25,5% should be more than enough as a start. Before the sale, the company had set a soft cap of 1M USD and a hard cap of 12M USD of which they have reached only the soft cap but the sale isn`t over yet so there is a chance for the hard cap.

LinkedIn vs SpringRole

What I am talking about really resembles LinkedIn, doesn`t it? In a way they are the same platform, they both are there to create professional accounts for people so that they can make professional connections. The difference comes, however, when you look at how they work: one is blockchain based and the other is heavily centralized. It is hard for LinkedIn users to verify that they actually do posses the skill that they claim to have and sometimes the connection that people claim to have are false and are actually with fake profiles, which is something that cannot happen in SpringRole because of the security and blockchain technologies that are implemented into its core. At the very least SpringRole is created to become better than LinkedIn and take its place in the world.


The idea itself, the paperwork and the actual product, in the end seem great. This means that most likely in the near future SpringRole should invest in advertisement so that they can essentially lure people to the platform because the platform needs the people so that it can gather the necessary information and have the people that are going to keep its gears turning. However there are some minor setbacks in the plan. One of which is the name itself. For now it sounds kind of goofy and not as serious as the project, I think that Kartik should think on switching things up a bit with the name, another issue I see is that they are essentially trying to bring down a giant in recruitment technology and in order to effectively do that they will need a lot of users on their platform and I simply cannot see that happening all that quickly. Eventually, though, SpringRole will get the necessary data and the necessary users to be able to compete and actually overcome LinkedIn. And if everything that they have planned happens, maybe there wouldn`t be a need for CV`s, wouldn`t that be handy?

Overall I have my hopes up for SpringRole and I hope that they accomplish their goals.

More Information:

SpringRole Official Web site: https://springrole.com/

SpringRole Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/springrole/

SpringRole Telegram: https://t.me/springrole