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EDC Blockchain – The Right Solutions for the Right Audience

Crypto MindsJun 4, 2019, 9:00:19 PM

EDC Blockchain allows you to easily create your own cryptocurrency token without the need of advanced technical skills, professionals or equipment. It also helps you every step of the way after that, providing options for marketing support and getting to exchanges.

This is perfect for small and medium enterprises, who want a budget way into crypto world to test blockchain implementation and explore the possibilities of creating and marketing their own token-based model.

The platform is also very suitable for crypto enthusiast and individuals, who want to tokenize an asset. I don’t expect large enterprises to launch a token via EDC blockchain, not for their main operations, at least.

There are not many competitors in this market niche, as we see the top platforms targeting decently budgeted companies, which can afford to maintain big teams of developers.

Coin Constructor

The team offers 3 different packages when using the coin constructor, depending on your needs. The basic package is for creating a token. With the plus package, you get more options for setting the coin metrics. And the Premium package allows you to fully configure all the features of the coin in a custom way.

I like the division in to pre-built packages. It really simplifies the process and makes the decisions easier, which is important for starter users.

The project reminds me of Polymath, Swarm and Smartlands. However, these platforms are designed to attract and accommodate STOs, which are another niche – much bigger enterprises than SMEs.

Ark is also marketed as a tool for starting your own blockchain and tokens on side chains.

None of them is as user friendly, convenient, comprehensive and welcoming for crypto starters as EDC Blockchain.

A million active users from 57 countries prove this.

The website is written in easy terms and close to perfect explanations about the idea and benefits of the project. The design, UX and graphics are highly professional. They fully speak the branding and communicate the EDC Blockchain’s idea to its end users – SMEs, crypto enthusiasts, non- and for-profit organizations.

On the plus side, the whitepaper is congruent with the whole branding and target audience – it is simple and understandable, even by newbies. However, I expected to find some more technical information in it, but it was missing. There is a slight overlap with the information from the website.

The project has a healthy following in the social media. 220 000 Twitter followers, almost 30 000 Telegram members, over 6 000 Facebook followers and over 290 000 Instagram followers.

The team is very active with updates and communication. Frequent news are provided almost daily.

The project provides not only a platform, but further support for just the type of customers that correspond to the current level of development and sophistication in the crypto world. In my opinion, SMEs will be the ones who will join next and create the next big wave of adoption in the crypto world. Mass adoption will happen, when we have idiot-proof ways of operating with crypto. And I believe that EDC Blockchain are providing just this kind of solution for just the right customer base. EDC stands for Every Day Coin. The naming can’t be more perfect.

The commission fee for any transactions within the EDC blockchain is 0.001 EDC regardless of the transaction amount. Given the current price of 0.0042$ per EDC, this makes the commission charged less than 0.000005$. This means one of the cheapest transaction prices in the industry.

The team has a live chat option on the website. They responded within 3 minutes. Excellent support.

One of the main target markets for the platform is China. It has shown unstable and unfavourable position towards cryptocurrencies and that poses some risk to the project.

The LPoS is not explained in detail and more precisely how consensus is reached. The team may work in direction to add on this information to the website. On the other hand, the target audience is such, that governance and decentralization are not a major concern for them, and probably shouldn’t be overwhelmed with technical stuff, that they don’t need to understand.

EDC Blockchain is listed on CMC since 2016. The market cap at the time of writing is $11,2M and it ranks 311 at CMC. The trading volume is in the range of 200,000$ - 1,000,000$ daily, which is significant.

A project with a well-thought idea and perfect market positioning. A project, that has endured the tests and challenges of time. A project with clear past and promising future. 

Website: https://blockchain.mn/

Whitepaper: https://blockchain.mn/wp-content/themes/blockchain/EDC_Blockchain-presentation_(EN).pdf

Bitcointalk Profile: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1184481