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How to ban scam on the neutral Facebooks and YouTubes of the future

Crypto-EducatorJul 22, 2019, 9:19:09 AM

Many projects in the crypto space and in decentraland are creating new social media platforms and decentralized content sharing platforms. The message is clear: own your data, you are your algorithm and you earn tokens with content. These initiatives hold the promise of transforming issues like privacy, transparency, monetization and community that swarm around Facebook as an increasingly itching flaw. The central issue for new neutral open-sourced social platforms is governance and control over the content. Decentralized means freedom for all to put whatever content on the platforms. That is when the platform works on a permissionless basis, so no permission is needed to join the happy family. But what to do with content posted by digital outlaws offending the values of the community?

How can blockchain technology support the integrity of the community in holding the flag of values upright without having a centralized mechanism of censorship and control?

This question is one of the main issues of the 21st century decentralized social media platforms. Is this possible? and if yes, how would that look like?

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