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Serve Review. Global Logistics Solutions

crypto_sunJan 30, 2019, 7:24:08 PM


All of us, as people living in the 21st century, of course, every day we buy various goods. We pay our money for them and we expect to receive in return the highest quality product. But, in order to reach the buyer, any product goes through a long chain. It all starts with the manufacturer’s factory, then several logistics hubs follow — a large wholesale warehouse — a distribution center — a wholesale and retail warehouse — and then a store. To this you can add more and delivery from the store to the customer, if you purchase goods not from the counter, but in the online store.

And at each stage, with a product made by the manufacturer even at the highest level, many unpleasant situations can occur - it can be stolen during delivery, it can be lost in the warehouse, careless loaders can beat and spoil the goods (accidentally or intentionally) or open its packaging. And it is almost impossible to identify at which stage the damage or theft of the goods took place, it is often the manufacturer who is to blame, or the store that sells the goods. And sometimes they put the blame for product damage on the shoulders of the buyer.

That's just to prevent such situations, a team of experienced experts in the field of blockchain technologies, logistics and marketing is developing the Serve platform. The introduction of this platform into the global industry will make it possible to introduce ubiquitous control over the quality of the delivery of goods from the manufacturer to the final consumer.

Serve has an open source and SDK protocol used to communicate with the blockade, so that any blockie enthusiast can easily use the Serve protocol. Serve also united software that offers great resources to support all transactions. The Serve platform provides vendors with a supportive environment for designing trading platforms that promote the use of mobile applications. These markets can be fully customized to the taste of the user or company. Enterprises can use trading platforms to advertise their products and get patronage from users.

Among the main goals of the developers of this project are:

- accelerating the communication process between all supply chain participants;

- providing the most comfortable use of Blockchain technology in logistics;

- increasing transparency and efficiency of the deliver of goods;

- providing tracking capabilities at any part of the supply chain.

Each link in the Serve logistics chain will be required to enter information into the blockchain that it has received the goods and sent them further to the next level. Information about the quality of goods will also be entered. And so on up to the end user. At the same time, taking into account the specifics of the blockchain technology - all information will be immutable - no one, not a single member of the system - can change or delete it from the blockchain.


Serve's mission is to provide an intuitive, transparent, decentralized and open platform to increase efficiency and reduce costs for all parties in an open global economy. The effect of this revolutionary platform will be to create new global, electronic and logistic solutions, eliminating the significant problems associated with excessive hands, too many platforms and too little transparency. And to motivate all Serve network participants in responsible performance of their duties, the SRV token will be used. Each participant in the trading production system will make a certain deposit with SRV tokens.

Naturally, such solutions already exist on the market. However, they all have certain drawbacks. The most important of these is the lack of a simple and intuitive interface, which allows the user to check the delivery process of goods without much effort. The second, but not least, is the lack of a global platform for tracking all kinds of goods, since most of today's blockchain solutions are focused on costly products and jewelry. A third disadvantage is the lack of responsibility, which manifests itself in the desire of each company to shift responsibility to another member of the supply chain in the event of damage or low quality of goods.

Enabling equity, lowering overhead, and ensuring the convenience of using blockchain technology will allow Serve project.

Serve platform can be the first global logistics solution for all types of goods, ranging from the cheapest to the most expensive. Moreover, it will allow to solve a number of problems in the chain of transportation of goods, as well as to increase the level of trust in products, excluding the possibilities of appearance of counterfeit products on this market.

Based on this, I can say that Serve is a project that is worthy of the attention of people.

Website: https://serve.io

Whitepaper : https://serve.io/whitepaper.html

Telegram: https://t.me/servetoken

Twitter: https://twitter.com/servetoken

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ServeToken/

Medium: https://medium.com/@servetoken

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