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Orichalcos - blockchain technology with self-stabilizing property governance

crypto4newsNov 22, 2018, 6:33:34 PM


The blockchain technology is one of the best and newest technologies in the modern world. It provides a number of new opportunities for modern business and allows you to bring the economy to a new level. However, not everyone can use this technology today, since its application requires certain knowledges.

The main reason for which the blockchain technology is not used globally is the lack of an intuitive interface for creating smart contracts used to fulfill agreements, as well as a shortage of specialists in this field.

The new project, called Orichalcos, will allow to rectify the current situation and provide the possibility of introducing the technology of a distributed registry into various areas, ranging from small business to the big agencies.

The main goal of the developers is to create the world's first global decentralized platform based on blockchain technology with self-stabilizing property governance that can offer innovative solutions for smart contracts, adapted to the requirements of all existing industries today.

Orichalcos project is commot with blockchain technology, cryptocurrency economy, game data, and digital asset management. It is build on the Ethereum blockchain to come up with the great solutions that Ethereum ecosystem can give. The platform creates a safe environment for games players and also for developers. It is used to stores, trade and manages various games content, digital asset management and also big data. The users are rewarded for sharing their game data with game developers on the Orichalcos platform. Users data and the information is store and used as big data by its developers. The developers retrieve and analyze users historical game data and information to create games for a target marketing. Orichalcos project uses a dual chain protocol to create its blockchain technology.


Orichalcos platform provides big games data that is processed and analyzed by all developers. Users get to exchange their games data and information for points on the platform. The users are rewarded with ORIC Stone cryptocurrency base on their history of game data that was stored and used by developers. Users are able to preserve their past actions and then use their points.

The Team:

Sungho Kim, Ph.D. - CEO and Founder

He was the director of supercomputer development in KISTI, a government funded National institute, Former CEO of KESPER Inc., CTO of ZION Linux System CTO, VP of Crowngames and Innogrid Inc. Now he is founder and CEO of Orichalcos Foundation, an advisor of Edenchain Partners Inc. and Encrypbit Exchange. He holds over 20 years of experience in HPC and Supercomputing, Cloud Computing, BigData, AI, Linux, decryption systems, software development and has accomplished many government issued national projects.

Jae Hoon Kim - CSO and Co-Founder

Former CEO of GFew Interface Inc, a web agency. Former Senior Director of strategic business department at Hancom Inc.(PLC.). Former COO of entertainment and technology company Prime Entertainment Inc.(PLC.) CEO of SNS based digital content creating & distribution service platform company Crepot Inc. As an entrepreneur and CEO with over 20 years under his belt, he holds a wide breadth experience through multiple positions (e.g. planning, development, marketing, strategy, invest and incubating, M&A and so on.) in the IT industry.

Hyun Chul Ryu - CPD and Co-Founder

Hyun Chul is a game planning expert who has over 15 years experience as a PD. A veteran in the Korean game industry, he has lead teams in small and larger companies such as Lizard Interactive, NC Soft, Smile Gate and WeMade. In his first company, LIzard Interactive, he has seen a 70 times return in revenue growth while using an innovative F2P business model that was ahead of its time and is now widely adapted. Since then, Hyun Chul has continuously been successful with his pay-per-using model through in-game content tuning for Cronos and Cross Fire among other titles.


Summing up the interim result, we can conclude that the project has useful value for the developers and users as game consumers. Creating a platform that allows to integrate blockchain technology into the work of platform is quite attractive. I think, project Orichalcos is one of the best among similar projects.


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