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Enkronos Apps - unique multi functional services

crypto4newsDec 13, 2018, 2:30:03 PM


Every day you can hear about Blockchain Technology, Bitcoin, ICO, Ethereum but do you understand what blockchain, cryptocurrency and Smart Contracts are? How does it all work? How can blockchain be used in business? How will blockchain change the world?

The Blockchain is new technology based on the virtual decentralized network with blocks of information. When you add any information in the network (transaction), you add it in all computers in the network. But if another user in this network will add his information and will make new block after yours, you can not modify your block. But, you can edit your block if you make it editing from all computers that are in the network and make similar changes in one moment only. It makes Blockchain one of the best technology for saving and structure informations. Nowadays popularity of this technology in different spheres is growing up at a great pace. And one of such projects on blockchain is Enkronos!


Enkronos Apps is unique multi functional service for marketing, advertising, innovative solutions in data processing, artificial intelligence. Enkronos Apps is built on a modular concept of setting up each element of the application running within the centralized single sign on. This option does not address the issues of authentication and authorization that might arise when using Enkronos Applications.

The developers set themselves the goal of creating a service based on blockchain technologies that provides the interaction of various social services. It will be new integrated system with a lot of options. Their launch will be gradual during 2018.

Content creators within the Enkronos Applications system can see feedback on their work left in various services. This done in a common space functioning as cloud storage. Users have the ability to manage data collected by apps, from individual elements to complex dashboards.

Enkronos Applications is a centralіzed user database that is very functional in terms of data processing, classification and segmentation. As part of the system, it is planned to implement a payment system that will be universal and transparent both for the creators of Enkronos Apps and for those who use this platform!


Enkronos Apps will configure each available app such as:

• Android

• iOS

• Cloud

• Google

• Facebook applications


Gianluca Busato  - Founder and CEO

Master’s Degree in Electrical Engineering, with more than 15-year experience in leading teams and companies in the field of technological innovation and communication, now he is CEO and Founder of Enkronos.

Jure Veler  -  CTO

CTO and the technical master mind of the company. He makes highlevel design choices and dictates technical standards like software coding standards, tools, and platforms.

Špela Mermolja  -  Project Manager

The project manager and marketing content creator of the company. She oversees partner and project management, creating new marketing and social media strategies, researching and analysing market trends.

The implementation of the Enkronos project itself, which directly depends on the team and the management of the project, its further support and development is very important. Enkronos has an excellent team and an improved concept, these are the main components of the success of the project. Everything is in the hands of the Enkronos team and I think it will be a success.

Website: https://ico.enkronos.com

Twitter: https://twitter.com/enkronos



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