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What Makes A Great Coworking Space?

coworkingguideJan 10, 2019, 6:31:11 PM

Co working spaces is a trend which is gaining popularity all over the world, and as such, more and more working spaces have opened up. Various developers are adopting diverse designs in putting up co-working spaces. While some of them are casuals, others tend to be more corporate. Besides, some cater for startups while others specifically cater for women only. In short, there are co-working spaces for everyone.

Despite catering for diverse groups of people who have different needs, most of these co-working spaces have more similarities than differences. For instance, they all have WIFI, a place to sit and most of them offer coffee. The question, therefore, remains, what constitutes of an outstanding co-working space.

Great co-working spaces understand the fact that their services are more in the hospitality industry than in the real estate industry and therefore there is a need to foster a community. Without this kind of an approach to the business, it becomes just working as opposed to co-working. Developing a community, however, requires commitment and patience. Furnishing a space with nice features does not guarantee clients. However, putting an extra effort can ensure that all the members who use the services will always come back in some cases invite a friend. Below are a few factors that can define a great co-working space you can view here.

Daily Dose of Coffee

Although almost every co-working space offer coffee, having local artisanal coffee or running a coffee stall in a co-working space can make a lot of difference. Besides, providing the much-needed coffee, a coffee stall offers an opportunity for members to interact.

Quality over design

Investing in good furniture is imperative. Although looking good could be an added advantage, the most import aspect is for them to be comfortable. Besides, it is important to have different designs for furniture. At working desks, for instance, there should be well made and comfortable task chairs. Having more lounges like seats in more communal areas, for instance, can encourage casual communications between members.

Vibe cultivators

It is essential to hire the right person for the community manager position since to a large extent, they determine the success of the co-working space. The most essential quality of the managers is that they should love people. This makes it easy for them to interact with the members and as such, they can easily find out their needs. Besides, being friendly helps to enhance the environment in the space. Visit this site for more.

Other details can be accessed at https://edition.cnn.com/travel/article/co-working-hotels-asia/index.html .