An American Patriot fed up with the criminals in our government
All of this abuse over asking questions about a $30 parking ticket!!! If you don't find this troubling you have issues!!! The simple fact that these types of abuses occur DAILY across America is a REAL PROBLEM!!! The guy actually had a great civil rights case UNTIL he decided to act as his own lawyer and make a bunch of #Constitutional arguments in district court!!! I believe in the Constitution.............. But you better have a REAL LAWYER if you want to stand on Constitutional grounds of ANY KIND!!! In a Commonwealth ESPECIALLY!!! (Commywealth) LOL I have lived in Virginia, small towns will have their way with you!!! "He who represents himself has a FOOL for a client"
I want to see #JusticeForTheTuttles!!! #HPD and Art #Acevedo tried to cover up this #CRIME!!! Acevedo should be arrested for the lies he told pertaining to this case!!! This was a #Murder plain and simple!!! What they don't mention is the police union going after the activists who EXPOSED this whole case!!! If not for that activist this case would have went away!!!
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