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Trump is NOT the cause of Racial Division.

CeeyarJun 13, 2019, 3:25:06 PM

Everyone is so quick to point a finger at Donald Trump for his remarks about race and people of other countries. While his words are deplorable, he is not the cause of the racial divide. 

Donald Trump may be a lot of things; a liar, a self-centered misogynist, possibly a promotional genius, but the one "favor" he's done for his country is pry the lid off the underlying racism that is woven into the fabric of the USA.

Racial divide has been a part of America's history for generations. This group versus that. These people don't like those people for whatever inane reason. But it has always been present. What Trump has done is show everyone that it is alive and well. And maybe, just maybe, shedding the light on this fact, he could inadvertently help to stop racism. It won't be today, but he certainly is paving the way for rational progressives to be taken seriously.

There are only so many jokes that can be made at the expense of the belligerent ramblings of Donald Trump, but eventually the greater majority of the American people will wake up and understand that they need to stop laughing at the cheap shots and begin to take these matters more seriously. Citizens of the same country shouldn't be fighting among themselves, but rather for a better future for their children and grandchildren.

Regardless of the leader, the hatred and superiority complexes of the divided groups need to be fixed. So start today, by being a better person, treating everyone you come in contact with, with kindness and understanding. After all, the strength of a country lies within its citizens working as a cohesive unit, while treating everyone as an individual and with dignity and respect. It certainly does not or at the very least, should not rely on a figurehead like the "president".