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These 9 visionary mandalas can spawn a psychedelic trip

carolina arevaloAug 28, 2017, 2:54:01 AM

Carolina Arévalo is a visionary Peruvian artist drawing the reflections of her inner and outer worlds, through a series of contemporary mandalas made up of tiny dots, eyes, and infinite geometric repetitions.

Caro's work comments on ideas of social consciousness and our interrelationship with nature, and how reconnecting to them means reconnecting with ourselves.

Her work makes emphasis on how our realm functions with thee rules of self-similarity, repetition and interconnection.

The usage of techniques such as finite subdivision rules, cartography, acuity enhancement and symmetrical repetition are the building blocks of it, which lead to a meditative trip; characteristic  for its crossroads between equilibrium and chaos, vaccum and overflowing atmospheres.

These paintings are maps of how things felt and looked for her, in a specific space in time. They are her personal talismans, the gate openers to other magnitudes of reality.

Carolina is having a solo art show in SoHo NY until September 7th in Sena Art Gallery.229 Centre Street, New York NY 10013

"Tell them we are already seeing those things you see when it is beginning to arrive"

"The World of Plants" 

"This may all be happening right now"

"The World"

"The source of all worlds"

"Planet #20: Formation Void"

"The Sun's World"

You can find and learn more of Caro's work at www.carolina-arevalo.com and her instagram @cafeinacoli